Thursday, December 31, 2009

What I loved in 2009

Happy new year dear beauties! 2009 is nearing its end and we will be welcoming a new year of discovering the best beauty products to enhance our already pretty selves! ^_~
I would like to share with you some products i used and loooved this year, from skin care to makeup, in short, my beauty secrets for 2009! :)

I have normal skin that used to have an uneven skin tone, dark pigmentation under the sides of my mouth and chin area, but when I started using Kanebo's Blanchir line, my complexion got better and it obviously lightened the darker areas on my face giving me a nice, even and smooth skin. Im down to the last quarter of the Clear Conditioner and Milky Conditioner (i love how it smells!), I may repurchase after trying the DiorSnow White Reveal Lotion i bought. I'm still contemplating on what moisturizer to get. Can someone recommend a good moisturizer?  ^_^

This is basically my regimen: i wash my face, pat toner, serum, massage moisturizer on, apply eye cream and i'm done! when it gets cold and i have drier skin, i use a richer night cream. I also spot correct blemishes when i get them occasionally.

During the day, I always make sure i put sunscreen on. Allie SPF50 PA+++ for my face, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF50 PA+++ for my arms and legs and Bare Escentuals SPF30 Natural Sunscreen for touch-ups.

I'm so glad I discovered Bare Escentuals' sunscreen, its portable and convenient for touch ups!

For makeup, I love Maquillage's Face Creator in 66 (nude pinks), my HG powder, CHANEL's Poudre Universelle (Is this limited edition?) and Jill Stuart's Mix Blush in 07 Lovely Tulip, the white block gives me a nice glow which i really love!

and for eye makeup, after all the Lunasol's I got this year, Esprique Precious wins my heart (and eyes) with this super gorgeous palette. Superb soft texture, soft shimmer and pretty pigmentation, when I can't decide what eyeshadow to wear, i put this on and I LOVE it! ^_^

That's about it! I hope you liked my list! Up next, my gotta get get list! hahaha

Hello 2010! I'm ready for you! ^_^


  1. loving your 2009 products! i've only tried the neutrogena sunblock out of all of them though.

  2. What a great post, honey! :) I enjoy reading about what products other bloggers are loving. My fave moisturizer is Creme de la Mer but some girls find it too heavy.

    Hello 2010 indeed!!!

  3. Nice collection!! I'm curious to try Allie now ;) And that Esprique Precious palette is gorgeous!! I can picture myself using it a lot haha.. Gotta love neutral shades ^^

    Anyway, have a Happy New Year!!! Loves from Australia

    *dana (


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