Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A little DIORSNOW haul

Don't you just hate having those occasional acne because it almost always leaves dark spots? I do. Argh. I'm on a mission to banishing some dark spots on my face thats why I am very diligent when it comes to protecting and taking care of my skin.

 I was looking for a daytime spot corrector last weekend with no particular label in mind, i scoured the whole lot of Rustan's cosmetic floor and asked for spot correctors. Kose Junkisui has one, but it smelled weird so I skipped that and went to the Dior counter. I asked the kind SA and she said that they do have a spot corrector in the DIORSNOW line but its only a GWP. *thinks* I am halfway through my Blanchir toner so i figured i'd buy the DiorSnow White Reveal Lotion 1 Fresh  and the White Reveal Makeup UV Base SPF 35 PA+++  and get the Spot Corrector (which accdg. to the box, is worth ¥5500) for FREE!  :)

my little DiorSnow tree! ^_^
Whitening UV Spot Corrector swatch:
White Reveal Makeup UV Base SPF35 PA+++ in beige
White Reveal Makeup Base SPF35 PA+++ swatch:
runny consistency which makes it easy to apply and blend. (OMG my skin looks parched! I applied the Bare Escentuals sunscreen SPF30 here before swatching. @.@ )

Im excited to try it! I hope the DiorSnow line is effective in bringing luminosity and refining skin texture as it promises to do. :)


  1. Love your little DiorSnow tree...hee hee! :) I am loving DiorSnow's sunblock right now.

    P.S. I love how the book is such a fast and easy read. And haha...I was a sucker for those hangers!

  2. Hi babe! Do you also use the makeup base or the spf50 sunscreen? I was actually getting the sunscreen, but i liked the consistency and dewiness the makeup base gives. I LOVE IT! :)

    those hangers are really adorable! such a great find! :D


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