Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekend Holiday Haul + thoughts

Christmas is just around the bend so I tried to shop for everyone in my list last weekend, I still have to shop some more, but I'm satisfied with what I have accomplished so far. Needless to say, traffic around the metro was bad and finding a parking space at the mall was close to impossible but I managed to get by thank goodness for valet!

Of course, I wouldn't be as diligent as a happy camper if i wasn't able to buy some stuff for myself so here are some holiday gifts to self. hahaha ^_~

My Rustan's weekend haul
clockwise from top: Lunasol Star Shower Eyes in 03 Dazzling Night, Stila E/S in Wheat, Guerlain LE Meteorites Perles Imperials, Fair Crea White UV Face Powder SPF 16 PA++ Refill, Fair Crea White UV Face Powder SPF 16 PA++ Case, Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss in Dusty Rose, Lunasol Treatment Mascara Base

Product Close ups:

Lunasol Star Shower Eyes palette in 03 Dazzling Night
I could not resist any longer, i just had to have it already! hahaha. This is the main palette for Lunasol's 2009 Autumn Collection. A lot of beauty bloggers have raved and ranted over this, i just had to see for myself. so far im loving the main and shade colors (both on the right side of the palette) As usual, the redundant white shimmer is still there on the top left, only difference is the bling. ^.^ I think this will be perfect for upcoming holiday get togethers. Click on this if you would like to see Fuz Kittie's day to night FOTD using Dazzling Night :)

Lunasol Treatment Mascara Base
I'm using this today and i must say that its really nice, it helps in lengthening lashes, no clumps, its nice on its own, but better with your HG mascara. Its a mascara booster! I'm loving it! :)

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss in Dusty Rose
A lip balm, lip color & gloss in one tube. This stuff is addicting! It feels soft and doesn't dry out my lips at all even without a lip essence. I got Dusty Rose, a pink mauve color, it looks nice on pigmented lips plus its long lasting too! They sell out really fast so if you're in Manila and you're lemming for this, get the one you like NOW. (Rustan's Makati has more shades available the only shade OOS is Tutu, a cool pink)

Guerlain Holiday Collection Meteorites - Perles Imperials
Aside from it being LE, the all black packaging lured me into buying this baby as it looks way better than the cheap looking cardboard packaging of the regular Meteorites. But I'm not complaining, as it beautifully sets make up, evens out your skin tone  and gives you a pretty, pearly glow. It is pink toned and a little shimmery, I don't mind that but some beauty bloggers prefer wearing this only at night. The Guerlain Holiday collection arrived last week at Rustan's. And yes, I'm contemplating on getting the Bal de Minuit E/S palette. *sigh*

Fair Crea White UV Face Powder  SPF 16 PA++ Case & refill
I bought this for travel as I'm always on the go, my Jill Stuart loose powder although pretty, just won't cut it. I need another one with more practical packaging. The Fair Crea White UV Face Powder is really fine and the puff is soft like clouds, aside from the SPF 16, i feel like it has moisturizing properties and the skin really absorbs it. Even if you go overboard it still won't look ghostly as it is translucent. I don't think i can recommend it for oily skin types though. ^_^

I was eyeing the LUNASOL Micro Finish Powder N 01 but the kind, chummy SA's @ Kanebo recommended this because of the UV protection and treatment properties. If you have the Lunasol Micro Finish Powder N, would you recommend it? Because I'm still lemming for it. Kill it please! lol


  1. Lurve your holiday haul, girl! :D I'm curious about the FairCrea line. Is it for brightening?

  2. another lunasol compact! love the cool tones, i'd love to try pairing this with scarlet red lips... perfect for a sparkly party look this xmas ;)

  3. @lisa: yes Fair Crea is a whitening/brightening line, the loose powder is good, it brightens the face pretty well and i think it also has moisturizing properties which is quite a nice surprise for a loose powder.

    @nottyevil: hahaha! yes another one! its really nice for a smoky eye. thanks for the tip! :)

  4. im just curious how much does lunasol eyeshadow cost at rustans?


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