Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Skin Smarts: Eye Cream

A lot of skin care experts say that eye cream is key in your 20's and i think they're right. I also believe that prevention is better than cure, so if you can prevent fine lines from forming, that would be great. I've seen my mom after her blepharoplasty and its wasn't pretty for about 2 weeks, it made me a little paranoid about sagging under eye bags. 

Eye cream is an essential in my skin care routine, I have two eye creams, 1 for daytime and the other one for night time. We all have different issues, If you have puffiness, look for firming properties, if you have dark circles, look for formulas with vitamin K.

left: Nature's Gate eye cream right: L'Occitane eye gel

Nature's Gate Ultimate Comfort Eye Cream $14.99
Best for under-eye circles
Nature's Gate Ultimate Comfort Eye Cream ($14.99; Eight essential amino acids and sodium PCA, a natural humectant that draws moisture to the skin, help hydrate, while extracts of eyebright, chamomile, and cucumber brighten and soothe. As a bonus, the cream's pump dispenses just the right amount, keeping application tidy.

Coffretgorge says: I find this product effective, it moisturizes and it lightened my dark circles (they're not really that dark). I think it does what it say it will do. The skin around my eyes improved a lot with this cream. I've been using it for quite a while now and this is my second bottle. Packaging is efficient as it dispenses product very easily and its very hygienic. Plus the price is very reasonable and it will last a long time. I bought mine at Healthy Options.

L'Occitane Amande Pomme Velvet Eye Gel $33

from L'Occitane:

The Velvet Eye Gel is a fresh, non-oily, light and easily-absorbed gel that helps the eye area to effectively protect itself against the first signs of aging. Its formula contains a unique combination of active ingredients:
-Almond proteins and silicium (to help firm skin, improve its elasticity and smooth fine lines)
-Organic apple extract (to help protect against free radicals)
-A firming extract derived from almond (to tighten the skin)
-A plant-based complex (to ease the appearance of dark circles)
-Flavonoids extracted from sweet orange (for anti-puffiness action)
-Natural-based micro pearls (to illuminate the skin)

The eye area is refreshed, dark circles and puffiness are less visible. The eye area is smoothed and better protected.

coffretgorge says: I bought this product because i was quite impressed with the list of benefits it promised to give. Protection, firming, lightening, anti-puffiness which i need. The gel has tiny specks of shimmer (to brighten up the eye area.) I tried using it in the morning to brighten up my eyes but it took forever to dry up so now i only use it at night. When dry, it gives the applied area a refreshing and slightly tight feeling, which makes you feel its working on fine lines. I've been using it for almost a month now. It's okay. I only wish L'Occitane can fix the loose screw caps! You can't rely on the bottle at all especially when traveling as it comes loose on its own! I read some reviews on their site and a lot of users have also experienced this, causing them to lose a lot of product or spill product in their bags! Price is a bit higher than Nature's Gate. I bought mine at L'Occitane, Essenses, Rustan's Makati.


  1. I agree about eye cream being super important. Thank you for the reviews! :)

  2. Hi friend this is vennilla here.. ur doing a wonderful job.. can we exchange links..

  3. have you ever tried clinique one? it's really good, but I only use it on off days, when my eyes are a bit swollen. It works really quick, making the swelling disapear!


  4. @venilla: thanks babe! sure :)

    @toothfairy: i havent tried the clinique eye cream yet, but i will! it sure sounds promising. what kind are u using? ^_~


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