Thursday, December 3, 2009

My LUNASOL + Coffret D'or E/S collection

Kanebo is one of my favorite cosmetics brands ever. I really love using their products, from skincare to point makeup. I have been interested in makeup for a long while now but it's just this year (September to be exact) that I started to collect eyeshadows as i was very much intimidated by putting it on before (silly me!), but now i put eye makeup on whenever i have the chance (and time)! It really makes your whole look prettier! 

So far i have 4 LUNASOL and 2 Coffret D'or E/S palettes which are under the Kanebo brand and i'm going to share them with you. I love them all, but of course I can't help but play favorites. ^_~ One of the main reasons i love japanese products is the ease of use, almost fool proof eyeshadow palettes, everything you need is there, the mirror, base color, contour, highlighter, liner plus the very good sponge applicators. If there is one thing i don't like about Lunasol palettes, its the redundant white shimmer shade on the top left of the palette. hahaha!

Let me start with the LUNASOL Blooming Eyes 04 Red Gradation, purchased in September, the first E/S palette i bought, and the only one i bought at full price! ^_~ It was a toss up between pink gradation and red gradation, i chose red because it showed up better on my lids. This palette gives a really pretty look suitable for night time, very nice. For a dinner date perhaps? :) If worn during the day, i really have to be careful or else i'll end up looking like i have eye infection. lol!

Blooming Eyes 04 Red Gradation
*sigh* why does blogger butcher photos? it doesn't look like this on my iPhoto at all! 

Next, the LUNASOL Skin Modeling Eyes in 03 Beige Pink, bought all of my other LUNASOL E/S palettes during a Mega SALE wherein the sole distributor of Kanebo participated in. Almost 50% off! What a steal right?

Skin Modeling Eyes in 03 Beige Pink
gives off a fresh, feminine, sweet glow in the eyes. iLike :)

Skin Modeling Eyes in 04 Beige Aqua
I really like the gold shade in this palette and the pretty blue in the bottom right. It gives off an fresh look like the sky in your eyes. cheesy! haha. Perfect for a spring look! :)

Noble Shade Eyes in 05 Blue Green Variation
I haven't tried this one yet, bought it because of the liner shade, its gorgeous! I promise I'll use it this weekend and edit this post. and maybe finally post an EOTD? (If i gather enough courage) hehe.

Moving on, my 2 Coffret D'or palettes are really nice. Got one for full price and the other on sale too! 50% off! :D

CM Eyes 05 Beige-Black Mix
My favorite! 3 beautiful shades of beige and a creamy soft black powder liner with gold shimmer. Beautiful and easy to apply. I love this!

SA Eyes 03 Green tones
Sorry for that brown stain in the gel liner, i accidentally dipped my dirty brush in it. yikes! I find this palette ok, I think it would suit fairer skin tones better. (im light-medium) I dunno, i have to try it again and see if its all in the application.  

How about you? What are your favorite E/S palettes? :)


  1. Those are gorgeous, sweetie. I've yet to own any e/s palettes in either brand. *cries* I am however loving Shiseido right now. :)

  2. Thanks babe! Japanese products are great! Shiseido eyeshadows are on my list now. ^_~

  3. I really like Kanebo too.. Coffret D'or.. drool... unfortunately Kanebo isn't available in Australia *cries!!* I also like Kose (loves their Coen Rich Q10 Smooth Touch SPF50 Sunscreen) and Shiseido range is also nice! ... however, Australia... is very limited in terms of Asian cosmetics (Brisbane doesn't have Shu Uemura, no Kose, no Kanebo, none of Shiseido other range... yeah... =( hahaha...

    Those are such nice coloursss by the way! =)

  4. hi dana! thank you for visiting my blog and leaving some love! ^_~ what?! no Shu Uemura, Kanebo and Shiseido? good thing theres online shopping for you! hahaha :) where do you buy your japanese cosmetics?


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