Thursday, December 17, 2009

BB craze: TFS Hydro Splash BB Cream

I've had this for a while now, but never got to write and post a review, The Face Shop's Hydro Splash BB Cream SPF 20 PA++ is the first BB cream i bought.

The Face Shop's Hydro Splash BB Cream SPF 20 PA++
What they say:
Hydro Splash BB Cream contains 70 percent moisture and is a very lightweight water-based BB cream, absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. At the same time, this lightweight cream provides sun protection to the skin. keeping the skin moist and dewy. it has aloe extracts and spf20 PA++ sun protection. 

Size: 45ml

Instructions on how to use:
For clear skin makeup, apply a makeup base first and then lightly apply BB cream. It will even out the complexion and conceal blemishes and give a dewy finish.

coffretgorge says:
If applied using your fingers, its quite hard to blend which causes blotchy, uneven application, but when applied using a sponge, it's so much easier to blend and results are better giving my face a smooth and even finish. I don't have to wear concealer anymore since it has medium coverage and my dark circles and blemishes aren't that bad. I think this BB cream is suitable for fair to light-medium skin tones, if you're in the darker side it would be better to look for another BB cream. 

Hydro Splash BB Cream kiss ^_~

they say it gives off a dewy finish but IMO it has a fairly matte finish ( i hope you can see the difference on the photos ^_^ )

I use this after my skin care and makeup base/primer so i have more SPF and moisture. It stays on the whole day even if you perspire, just blot the oil or sweat away and you're fresh looking again!

What is your favorite BB cream? ^_^


  1. actually i don't own any BB cream lol. i'd normally stick with foundation and tinted moisturizers!

  2. I've had lousy luck with BB creams so I just stick with foundation. You're so lucky that you've found one that works for you. :)

  3. hi girls! this one is OK, i just got another BB cream in the mail and im going to post a review soon. :)

    @lisa: what BB creams have u tried?

  4. I'd like to find a BB cream that would match my skin tone. I have yellow-toned skin and most BB creams look ashy on my skin. If you find any yellow-based BB cream, let me know! :) I'll be lurking this blog from now on. lol :)

  5. haha thanks jam! i found a nice bb cream, L'egere :) i'll post a review for you, thank you for visiting coffretgorge! :)

  6. Hello there! I would like to try this BB cream though but it is always OOS in FaceShop stores. Anyway where did you bought it? Thanks! :)

  7. Hello, i bought mine at The Face Shop, Powerplant :)

  8. yeah im a guy and i use hydrosplash since they dont sell any bb cream made for men here in Melbourne and on my first application, i looked like ghost but then i let it sit for about an hour and it seemed to blend into my skin tone...good stuff :)


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