Wednesday, December 23, 2009

coffretgorge loves: Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss

Happy holidays everyone! It's almost Christmas are you done shopping yet? I hope you are! As for me, I'm never done shopping, its a disease i know. (gotta get get...) hahaha! 

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss

If you're looking for a really nice stocking stuffer for your lazy sister, busy mother, girly girl friends and makeup junkie colleagues you have got to get Bobbi Brown's Rich Color Gloss! As i have mentioned in a previous haul post, its a lip balm, lip color and gloss in one tube, its so convenient I LOVE IT! Usually, i apply my trusty strawberry Chap stick on before anything else, but this is so moisturizing it does everything. You can really tell its a lip balm because it is a bit minty when applied plus it's long wearing too. Amazing.

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss in Dusty Rose

swatch: thicker on the left side, lighter on the right
coffretgorge rates it: 
Texture: 5/5 smooth
Shine: 3/5 Pretty
Pigmentation: 4/5 rich color
Applicator: 4/5 fuzzy doe foot
Packaging: 4/5 small, great for traveling
Price: 3/5

It comes in 8 wearable colors, ruby red if you like bright red lips, if you like pink, try dusty rose, if you're into pinkish browns try pink buff, or naked if you like nude. Try before you buy or consult the MA if its for someone else so she can recommend the right shade for every skin tone.


  1. thanks hun for joining my giveaway, could u also re-blog about it to complete the entry? my steps must be too long to follow i'll try to shorten them!!!!!

    i used to love BB lipgloss but hated their brush, now i can go back to them again with this cotton swap tip!


  2. (gotta get get...) LMAO! XD

    OOh girl, that swatch looks so good but my dumb sensitive lips get blistery when there's mint. :( Lucky you! :)

  3. Dusty Rose look so mauve-vy and oh so pretty! I'm assuming that Rich Color Gloss suits pigmented lips?

    And Merry Christmas sweetie! =D


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