Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Michael Kors ♡ Manila

 I really like collecting pretty  limited edition stuff especially if its really practical and wearable. I got this Michael Kors ♡ Manila canvas shopping tote as a gift and i love it! I'm planning on using this to lug around my cosmetics + hair essentials on weekends. Its also good to use as an eco-bag when you shop. I love the red heart applique and the red croc embossed patent leather trims on the handles. Very cute!

heres a New York version of it:

photo from bloomingdales.com

Clever right? Is this available in your local Michael Kors boutique?  :)


  1. Hmm...wonder if we've got an L.A one? That is the cutest eco tote! I can just imagine your stylish self strutting down the street with that. :)

    We had a great time celebrating Vegasmas. Thanks for asking! I'll be doing a post on it soon. Can't wait to see your detailed photos, sweetie!

  2. there is an LA version babe! click on the link! hahaha! happy shopping! :)

    thanks you're so so sweet! :)


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