Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gooddealer loot: Jill Stuart + RMK + Esprique Precious

I looove looove loove packages! (who doesn't?!) Stuff I ordered from gooddealer arrived last Monday (sorry delayed post ^_~) and i'm ecstatic about it. You ask why? Well, mainly because it contains my very first batch of pretty pretty Jill Stuart products! Gooddealer Kevin threw in lots of samples, and it came in the mail so that's a plus. Yay! :) 

I got a Jill Stuart loose powder in 01 Natural
I've tried this already and I'm loving it so far! Very fine powder in a beautiful container; it's not recommended for traveling though, as it is a little bulky. How cute is that super soft powder puff?! You'll really feel like a princess while putting powder on your face. Happiness! ^_^

Jill Stuart loose blush powder in 03 Crimson Flush
gorgeous and unique color! I'm very satisfied with the shade i chose because it compliments my skin tone well.
Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in 07 Lovely Tulip
I like that this mix blush compact is a bit shimmery as it adds glowiness to your cheeks.

RMK Translucent Cheeks & Eyes 02
I haven't tried this one yet, but I'll keep you posted. ;)

Esprique Precious Dress on Shiny Eyes C-1
I bought this E/S palette because of Fuz, this is one of her faves and now I know why! It's great! maybe even better than the consistency of Lunasol, the shadows are very easy to blend, and the liner is so soft it's almost idiot proof, I have to admit I still have to hone my eye lining skills, but the liner in this palette is so smooth, it was so easy to apply! I'm now lemming over the other shades. uh oh. (^_~)

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  1. babe! we hav the same pick for my 1st JillStuart Lovely Tulips!!
    luv luv luv..mine is gonna hit the pan soon..
    let is have a rest while i mess with canmake lol* incomparable of cuz..

    its soo pigmented..all 4 colors blend out and give me the young fresh innocent girlie look!
    really sheds some years off my age :P *vainn stellar

    RMK ingenious single eyeshadow is a big LET DOWN! its hard to blend the jelly and lousyyy staying power..grrgrr
    did you review the Translucent Cheeks & Eyes ?

    hey whud happen to Fuzkittie? MIA wayyy too long you reckon


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