Monday, November 2, 2009

TFS Nail Polish

It's always a love-hate relationship between me and the Face Shop Nail Polish, there are certain colors and consistency which i like very much and there are some which i just hate and they just sit at the back of my humble NP collection. This time i think i hit the LOVE button when i purchased these babies, The TFS Base Coat, Shimmering Top Coat (which is really nice when put on top of , Sheer Black polish with fine & chunky glitters and a pastel purple polish with fine & chunky glitters which is a current fave! :)

Everything is priced at Php185 (Approx. USD4), i also got a cute mini towel which can be used when cleaning my nails, nail stickers and a small NP pouch for free. Not bad eh? :)

Here is the pastel purple polish with fine & chunky glitters on my nails, so pretty. i love it! :)
I think I'm going to stock up on these because i like them very much,they are all of good quality and the price is very reasonable, i won't feel guilty if i feel like changing my nail polish every 5 days kekeke. :)

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