Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nail Envy: Katy Perry

Hi y'all! I caught a cold and i'm still recovering.. I just want to drop by my blog and let you all know i'm still alive and breathing beauty. ;) 

I was browsing through Katy Perry's twitpics when i saw a photo of her blinged out nails!

 I'm definitely doing that if i ever find nail rhinestones... or if i get lazy i'll just go the nail salon. hehehe. One commenter said Katy wears minxnails but i couldn't find a picture sample of her rhinestone encrusted nails. Popstars! I wish i was one. Talk about glam! :)


  1. that is amazinggg i lv :) its too bad i cant paint or get my nails done cos of work:( boo x

  2. hi heartofpearl :) thanks for dropping by my blog! :) lets try the blingbling nails when were on vacation ;)


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