Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cheap Thrills - Blotting Paper

Ok, you must be thinking this person has completely gone loca... a blog entry dedicated to blotting paper? C R A Z Y. hahaha! but my tiny Watson's haul made me happy, so i'm going to share it with you for blogging education purposes. lol.

I've run out of my trusty Clean & Clear Oil Control Film so i was on the hunt for something new, something Japanese made, because i like japanese quality on beauty products, they simply rule! I was thinking of asking a friend to buy me some Boscia Blotting Paper on Sephora but it would take too long to get to me because i live in the Philippines :( then I saw the Paul & Joe Blotting paper while browsing in, i researched and read that the P&J paper had powder, a big NO for me, i don't want to look like a geisha thank you very much. 

I'm also eyeing Kanebo blotting papers but i haven't had the chance to go to the store where they sell them and i don't want to use tissue to remove oil throughout the day anymore because it leaves tiny bits of paper which i hate because they're terrible to remove.

All that O.C. talk leads me to the Cheap Thrills i found at the local Watson's. I think they're all made in Japan and the packaging are very Manga-like i couldn't help myself, i bought them all! hahaha!

clockwise from left: Finess Shine-Free Pearlized Powder (it has fine specks of gold glitter on the paper which will transer to your face while you blot) , Finesse Green Tea Scent Oil Control Sheet (subtle green tea scent on green linen paper), Finess Lavender Scent Oil Control Sheet (subtle lavender scent on blue linen) and Glam Works Oil Control Film (a pink version of the clean & clear control films)

The Finess Blotting Papers retails for Php37 (Approx. USD.70) while the Glam Works Film retails for Php69 (Approx. USD1.50). Ya' see? I told you it was CHEAP. ^_^

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