Monday, August 2, 2010

YSL Rouge Volupté in 26 Tender Peach + 8 Interesting Questions Tag

Patience is a virtue indeed. At last (after a while), another YSL Rouge Volupté for my collection! Some of you already know that YSL has been pulled out of Rustan's (our local department store) indefinitely. That is why I got so excited when I saw YSL cosmetics at Duty Free when I was going home from Singapore. Although products and colors/shades are very limited, I'm still happy as a clam because I got RV#26 Tender Peach which I have been lemming for so long. :)

YSL Rouge Volupté 26 Tender Peach

it lasts about 2-3 hours on me, requiring a lot of touch ups, but with a case this pretty, I definitely wouldn't mind!
luxe packaging fit for cosmetic goddesses ^_~

The buttery texture, superb pigmentation, the pleasantly creamy scent, SPF15, and the luxe yet practical (there's a mirror in the cap!) packaging. Its a no-brainer why I love Rouge Volupté more than any other lipstick line YSL has. Don't forget to prep and prime your lips though, because it can be a bit drying (emphasizing lip lines) especially on gals with dry/chapped lips. This lipstick requires a smooth surface to adhere to for a beautiful finish.

gorgeous color shade of peach right? I wish you can feel the buttery texture of this when it is applied, I've never encountered another lipstick with the same texture. It doesn't have shimmers, but the pigmentation is enough to make you feel peachy keen. ;)

now, onto the 8 interesting questions tag from Karen of cfbeauty! Rules are to answer 8 questions, make your own 8 questions and pass it along to your blogger buddies! :)

Karen's 8 interesting questions are: 

1) What are the three things that mean most to you in life? 

Happiness, peace and humility.

2) If you could pick to use only one kind of beauty product to use, would it be (1) cheeks products, (2) lip products, (3) eye products? I'll be nice and not include skin products ;)

thank you for being nice Karen ;) AAAAAH! OK... I'm going for lip products, can't live without lip balm and color! :)

3) Are you more influenced by money or more by personal interest and happiness when it comes to your career/future career?

Believe it or not, I never dreamed of having a corner office with a view of the city, I'd rather have a simple desk and be closer to my family, especially my parents because we were apart most of the time when I was growing up. Besides, I like being the Boss! ;)

4) What are your top three favorite food dishes?

Italian - Aglio Oglio Pasta, Filipino - Sinigang (pork in sour broth) and Korean - Kalbi Jim

5) What do you fear most? 

heights! i get goosebumps just thinking about it.

6) What are your hobbies or interests (besides blogging)? 

evidently, shopping and traveling. but in other areas of life, i like cooking and reading fiction (I like using my imagination).

7) What is one of your childhood dreams and has it come true?

to be a doctor like my Papa, Mama and sister... and no, it didnt come true, because I discovered I couldn't take the smell of cadavers and the sight of a bloody body makes me feel weak. 

8) Do you like to wear accessories, and if yes what kinds? 

YES! I love earrings because they can really uplift your look and the right kind will make you look and feel like a goddess. I also like rings, a 1.5 carat tiffany setting ring is on my wishlist, *ehem* if i dont get it through lurvey *ehem* im gettin it myself! hahaha! :P

I would like to pass this on to Lulu of luluchinadoll (my birthday giveaway winner!), Natalie of NatGn, Tammy of tummycakes, ♥ starryxuan, tramstabalaboopy, Kalmo of cambosoup, Denysia of and my favorite blogger/YouTube guru, fuz of fuzkittie! :)

My 8 (really random but INTERESTING) questions are:
1) Who is your makeup idol/inspiration?
2) What is your favorite outdoor activity?
3) What is your all-time favorite book?
4) At your age, do you think you are ready to have kids? Are you mommy material?
5) If a friend has body odor or bad breath, how will you tell him/her?
6) What is your favorite season and why?
7) Please describe your personal style when it comes to fashion.
8) Who is your favorite significant person in history and why? dead or alive, doesn't matter. 

I'm really looking forward to reading your answers! Please let me know if you've done the tag! :)



  1. i love sinigang! pork sour soup!!!

  2. Finished your tag!
    Thank you for tagging me LOL I feel extra special! :3


  3. That's a pretty color :)

    Isn't it ironic that we're scared of heights yet we're not afraid to fly on a plane? XD

  4. The lippy is pretty. Me likey! I want! :P

  5. Oh, you got Rouge Volupté in #26 Tender Peach! It's one of my favorite Rouge Voluptés! Hope, you like it s much as I do!

  6. The lipstick colour is more pinkier than I expected but still pretty nevertheless!

  7. YSL lipsticks are the best. I don't have #26 I have #13 which I think is a little too orangy on me, but #26 looks beautiful!

    "Buttery texture" is the perfect way to describe it!

  8. yayyy for another YSL lippie!! It's super pretty :) I have yet to give it a try.

    Thanks for the tag sweetie. lolll a tiffany setting ring is also on my wishlist :p wow that's so awesome that the rest of your family are all doctors. What profession are you in? Same here, I had thought about being in hospital but decided I couldn't take the sight of blood and the smell too long, hahah.

  9. My makeup idol is Lily Munster! =)

  10. Great pick Georgina! I love Tender Peach, the packaging and color. My only gripe is the awful smell that doesn't go away even after application.

  11. Pretty pretty! I love ysl lipsticks

  12. That's an amazing YSL color!
    Thanks for the tag! I will be doing it soon! :)

  13. I shiver when I think of heights too. I have dreamed of failing off the 2nd story of a mall.

    The YSL lipstick looks really pretty. I have always loved peachy shades~

  14. Anonymous: LURVEY!!! I know thats you! hahaha! Wow, thats the first time you've left a comment on my blog. yeah, i know you love sinigang silly! :P

  15. thank you for the lovely comments dear friends! :)

  16. Awww thanks for tagging me Georgina!! <3 <3 I'm going to respond to the tag today (I think! ehehe) Omg I'm so glad I didnt get tagged with the question which makeup product would you choose to wear if only one because I'd choose base makeup all the way!

    Ughhh I'm afraid of heights too! Sooo funny, when I went white water rafting, we stopped to climb up a cliff to go cliff jumping halfway through. There were two heights, a 10ft jump and a 30ft jump; so I decided since I was there, I'd at least do the 10ft one...without pausing, I jumped off the cliff (because you couldn't change your mind once you decided; everyone would think you're a pansy!) and I was okay for the first 1/3 way down...but unfortunately, I got a panick attack right before I hit the water and opened my mouth to scream--thereby releasing all the air and breathing in a noseful of water!!! (Keep in mind this happened all in a span of 1.5 seconds--10ft is not that long of a jump!) I thought I was going to die because I couldnt get the water out of my nose while I was swimming to shore--the water was 2 degrees Celcius!!! Ahhh --instant death!

    Hahah well that was a long winded story! I hope you enjoyed it XD

  17. I freaking love this lippie too! So happy you got to buy it. =D Haha...I love the little *ehem* nudge you gave to your lurvey. *^_^*

  18. GORGEOUSSSS color!!

    You know..I always wondered if facing your fears actually helps you to conquer them? Like..would going skydiving cure you of your fear of heights? Or just make you paralyzed from fear for life? I'm pretty sure I'd be paralyzed from fear for life! Hahaha

    Miss you G! Hope everything's going well!

  19. Oh the YSL lippie is so pretty! I agree with the buttery texture part and the great pigmentation but none of the colors look right on my skin tone sadly. XD I love their packaging though.

    Wow a whole family of doctors! So smart. I hope you get that lovely ring in your future! :) Ah I just started looking at diamonds myself haha. Mmm to drop hints of what kind of ring I want LOL.

    Wah I didn't know you were of working age either. I thought you were very young as your look super young in your profile pictures, a good thing!

    Thank you so much for tagging me (hugs!).

  20. The YSL lipstick has such divine packaging~ must get one when I'm older since I hardly use any lippies now anyway :P

    Thanks for tagging me G!! Haha you and feeling like a goddess. First the lipstick makes you feel like a goddess then the earrings ^^
    Dang girl, you really know how to pick them questions. I must dwell on getting the answers to some of them! Thanks again!! =D


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