Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Maquillage Little Glossy Nails + NOTW

Part of Maquillage's Summer 2010 collection, Little Glossy Nails are mini bottles of nail polish which promises to deliver trendy summer colors and bling to your nails... and they do the job! quite well actually.

I got mine from gooddealer who sells them by packs of 3 for HKD19.74 + handling and shipping; chose the set which had #1 (translucent white with square glitters and shimmers), 80 (sheer turquoise color packed with green glitters) and BE715 (an opaque coppery shade).
I really like #1 & 80 for my fingernails, BE715 will be painted on my toenails for my next pedi, I think its a nice shade for the toes. :)

single coat:

two coats:
This is how I swatch nail polish in the stores whenever I have my nails painted already and don't want to ruin it. I ask for a short strip of clear tape, stick the tape at the back of my hand and swatch the colors away... I often get confused looks from the SA's but when they finally see me swatching nail polish, the confusion wears off immediately. hahaha

 I'm still on my no makeup phase and I'm really missing my blushers! *sigh* but I'm happy that my skin is recovering, spots are lighting up and no new pesky break outs. Yay! I just satisfy my cosmetic cravings by painting my nails in super girly colors. ^_^

Heres my current NOTW:

2 coats of Maquillage Little Glossy Nails #80 on middle finger, #1 on ring finger; index and pinky fingernails have Essie's Shop 'Til I Drop as base color and MLGN #1 on top, I used Canmake Topcoat here. The colors are so pretty to look at and the glitters are eye catching. :)

I have a question, do you think its necessary to put watermarks on pictures? I've been thinking about it, I don't like watermarks because they take away a part of the photo's beauty, but practically speaking, we have to protect what is ours right? Your thoughts mean a lot to me so please feel free to let me know what you think of this matter.



  1. Pretty sparkly colors :)

    Do all stores have clear sticky tape? Random thought LOL

    And yes, I think watermarks are necessary. I used to not place them (as I was too lazy to bother) but when I saw my photos being downloaded through my tracker, I panicked and decided to place them. Wouldn't want photos of my face used by someone else x_x

  2. Those colors are really pretty! I thought that the first two colors would be too sheer with only glitter spots but you can actually see color. I think that I like the last color the best though.

    As for your question, I recently started watermarking mine. I wasn't at first but yeah, you want what's yours to be kept yours unless you get asked permission and/or get credited.


  3. I love BE715.....and your nails are so cute.....

    and thank G about your have to come back and visit here...

  4. Love the polish!

    I've never watermarked my pictures, because it's time consuming, but you should do it, if you feel that someone might take your pictures.

  5. Hmm I've thought about it, just b/c I've heard some creepy/scary things, but then unless it's splashed directly across the entire image, the person could still crop out the watermark :(

    Anyhoo, cute NOTD! #80 is just my style.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  6. The tape swatches make a lot of sense actually! Haha I always ruin my nails because I wanna see what the polish will look like! I'm really liking the brown shade :)

  7. The sparkly blue one is my favorite out of the 3! I probably would never pick such a color on my own cause I am naturally attracted to all kinds of shades of pink, but seeing it on your nails it looks really cute! :D

    ♥ Milk

  8. oooh so sparkly~
    nice nails ^_^

  9. They're cute but I prefer brighter colours

  10. Pretty colors!

    I think you should watermark your pictures, just to be safe. We don't want anyone stealing your pics :P

  11. Pretty packaging and colour!! Sparkly!

  12. I'm with // krissy ♥ on this: Do all stores have clear sticky tape? Random thought LOL

    I can't imagine the SAs at Etude House or The Face Shop being pleased if I request for cellotape - these SAs are a bunch of snobs!

    Watermarking is soooo time consuming! But I do hate the thought of people passing off my images as their own, which is why I started watermarking some of my pictures.

  13. Speaking of following, I'm only following you via Google Reader! It's a stupid story, I used another account to follow you and then I decided to make this account the main one, and so I unfollowed everyone in that account. I shall rectify this right away!

    I do love both Silk Whitia and faceQ! SW is more expensive and you have to rinse off. faceQ is affordable and the effect is wow worthy. I'd say faceQ wins!

  14. I like the colors but they're too glittery for me :) I know how you feel Georgina...I'm trying to let my skin breath as well. Too much makeup can suffocate it and cause breakouts.

  15. ooo they are so pretty! i like 80!

  16. Purdy nails! *^_^* I esp like the coppery one. As for watermarking, a lot of girls do this but I for one am lazy. If you are worried about your pics being stolen, it may be worth doing. Anyhow, just my cents :)

  17. The copper shade is so pretty! That's really great idea to swatch on the tape instead of nails :D.

    I do think that watermarking is necessary as we won't know what other might do with our pics.

  18. I love the blue one after two coats!

    Anyways, I think not all pictures need to be watermarked. Only ones that have creative content for the most part.

  19. Hey hun, don't worry about it. It's not a big deal. ;) I really don't post every single item I buy anyways.


  20. the green one is so pretty. and beige one is going to be great for fall season or toes. as for the watermarking, yes i think you should do it

  21. The colours are sooo pretty! lovely picks there!

    thanks for asking about keyring haha. i kinda swap around my husband cos i need his sets of keys, which leave him using mine LOL.

  22. I <3 nail polish colors.. I think my fav this time may have to be the bronze-y one since it's almost time for the fall! Hmm aw for watermarking.. I do it as an extra precaution because I've heard of many cases where bloggers or youtubers get their photos stolen and used by random people (not that I will ever be that popular for people to try to copy haha). It can be a lot of work but I just use to add on the font and it's so easy!

  23. great colors~~


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