Monday, August 16, 2010

What's In My Bag

A very popular article for bloggers and A-list celebs alike, a "what's in my bag" post/article feeds the curiosity of people nosy enough to care what you are toting around town. hahaha! *kidding!* -don't feel bad, I'm guilty of that too! :P 
I've been asked by some readers to do a "what's in my bag" post, sorry it took me forever to put up!

I'm currently using my MbMJ Sketchy Miss Marc zippered tote, tell you why later ;)

♥ Hello Kitty slim umbrella - a must have for our climate.
♥ Hair Doctor comb - for my unruly hair! :D
♥ mobile phones
♥ folding Rayban wayfarers -to avoid squinting at all times.
♥ Coach zip-around wallet from Lurvey -its so practical and durable, been using it for 3 years :)
♥ Tsumori Chisato vanity kit - made my bag clutter free!

details on the Raybans:
i love that it folds up to a size smaller than my digital point and shoot camera! Its lightweight too, very travel friendly.

updated vanity kit:

what's in it:
♥ Dior Lip Glow
♥ YSL Rouge Volupte #26
♥ Chanel Aqualumiere lipgloss in Cherry Blossom
♥ UD 24/7 eyeliner in Bourbon
♥ Lunasol portable lip brush
♥ a pair of hair clips
♥ L'occitane solid perfume in Cherry Blossom
♥ Purell hand sanitizer
♥ Boscia green tea blotting linens
♥ Chanel Poudre Universelle
♥ a pack of Kleenex tissues
♥ a fan! :D

plus for the past 3 weekends, I've been carrying these in my tote:
I'm taking Mandarin classes! One check for my bucket list! This is also the reason why I'm using a very roomy tote. ^_^

Please do a post and share what's in your purse! I want to take a peek too! I'm pretty sure you'll have fun doing it! :)

Happy Monday!

ps. ooops! i forgot to include my keys in the pic! *toothy smile*


  1. Oooooh Nice bag!
    I like your raybans, they look really nice :)

  2. Wow, you really don't carry that much with you. The books are your bulkiest items. Lucky!


  3. Interesting post!!
    love seeing what other people carry in their purses.
    I should really learn from you and take things which don't take up a lot of room ...Love the folding ray bans :]
    I literally just shove everything in my bag that it ends up weighing a tonne :/

  4. I like what's in your kikay kit. :P

  5. what a small hello kitty umbrella lol! cuteee :) mandarin isn't too hard, you'll nail it in no day.

  6. Hi,
    this is my first time to check/read ur blog and i'm definitely gonna do some back reading... =)

    i'm excited!!!

    ♥i remember i call u 'gen' back in college.

  7. my gosh those raybans are amazing <3

  8. Love your bag

  9. I want to, but too busy... don't worry, I will soon... hehehe... ^__^

    Thanks, G! ^__^

    BTW, It's either "Angel" or "Angelamhiere" - "Angel" and "Amhiere"- Honey's second name...i find it cute... ^__~

  10. love looking at what people put in there like how organized your bag're learning mandarin...good for you....I've never learned that language, I know how to write & read but I can't understand what I'm

  11. that's a cute bag! those kinda small totes are so popular in japan. Ive gotten tired using large leather bags in the heat so im currently using a small Anna Sui tote from Sept edition of SWEET, works for me! XD

    ahhh your sunnies are so cool and compact. cant do that with mine!

  12. oo that's so cool that you are taking mandarin class G! ni hao :p

    Thanks for sharing what's in your bag, that shu bag is so roomy and holds so much stuff! i was so surprised, you have a fan in there too hehehe. I like what you carry, nice and concise, I feel like I always carry way too much than necessary and it makes my bag very heavy and impossible to find stuff i need, lol. must downsize!

    I LOVE your rayban!!! omg that is the smartest idea ever, makes it so much more compact! my sunglasses case took over 1/3 of my purse space O.O

  13. Haha, finally I got a peek into your bag as well, haha^0^ You tote is sooo cute^0^~~

  14. Hahhahaha wth I've never seen those kind of sunglasses before! It's crazy that it folds up so neatly in there XD Oooh I love looking through ppl's vanity bags heheheh

  15. Amazing! Your bag must weigh 5 pounds less than my wife's. Mr L should be happy to hold your bag when/if you ask him to. =)

  16. Nice bag! :D My bag is often very heavy :( Need to pack it again :P

  17. thank you for the messages everyone! i appreciate it. :)

    i try to keep it light because my shoulders ache whenever my bag is full of random stuff. i used to bring my camera all the time, but since Lurvey got into photography, i now rely on him to snap some pics :D

    i also used to bring a journal/planner but now i leave it at home, i just type my "must do/get list" on the stickies/post it application on my phone. :)

    try unloading some stuff from your bags ladies, your hands/shoulders will thank you for it! ^_^

  18. heheh the bag is really CUTE!

    Ohhh is that the Shu Uemura makeup pouch? It looks pretty~

    I have to bring Hand Sanitizer with me too cuz I'm a Germ Freak. LOL :P

  19. omg you have a miss Marc bag so so so adorable! i have some t-shirts from that line too haha and that fan in there is just classy

  20. Those folding Ray bans are so cool!

  21. Cute bag! Ooh, I need those folding Wayfarers. I only have the regular ones. Boo. How cute that you pack a fan! But I guess with the weather there, that is a necessity. :) Good luck in your studies!

  22. the bag is so cute! I love the Ray ban, it's really cool :D

  23. Ooh I like that your bag looks organized! ;) hehe it must be really hot for you to carry a fan with you.. I like your lip products & it's cool that you're taking mandarin! I plan to take some more chinese classes as well because I'm only intermediate =X too little practice of my native language..

  24. Ni hau ma? *in mandarin :D
    WOW that's a lot of goodies!

    love your MJ tote Miss Marc tote!!very functional yet funky

    what a cool foldable sunnies lol~ save space! keke

    OMG we hav the same solid perfume by Loccitane! smells refreshing the cheery blossom!! yay for solid perfume so portable and light weight *HIGH 5

  25. You carry so little in your bag compared to me! D= Aiya.. that means I have to re-evaluate what I carry, because my bag can be pretty heavy sometimes *sigh*


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