Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Updates + FOOD!

Hello lovelies! It's the last day of August already can you believe it? How was your weekend? Mine was loaded with activities which made it pretty exhausting, but FUN nonetheless. :)

Friday night: bachelorette party! sorry, no pics from that right now ;)

Saturday: I had Mandarin classes, did some shopping with a friend then attended a kiddie party.

Sunday, I shopped the whole afternoon with Lurvey (and his fam) then had dinner at Cafe Juanita, an eclectically designed local restaurant with really good food.

Bicol Express:
pork strips and green finger chilies cooked in coconut milk. It is very spicy and creamy.

Pinoy Ratatoy:
Filipino version of Ratatouille, fresh herbs with cubed tomatoes, grilled eggplant and anchovies, very very good! A must try.

Crispy Dinuguan:
Pork blood stew with crunchy pork rinds, this was mediocre imo, my aunt can cook a better version of this.

Deep fried Lapu-Lapu with Tamarind Sauce
again, a mediocre dish imo, plus the fish didn't taste very fresh. the sauce was good though.

Monday... Lurvey and I got sick from eating super sweet sticky toffee pudding! My head felt so heavy, I stayed in bed and slept all day while Lurvey kept on working. Poor thing. :(

Tuesday... fever is gone, but TONSILLITIS is here to stay! (same with Lurvey) aaargh! i will NOT eat too much sweet dessert anymore!

the culprit: Cafe Juanita's Sticky Toffee Pudding
it tasted good because it was served warm and soft plus the ice cream complemented the sweetness of the pudding really well. It was like a party in my mouth. lol.

But now i'm facing the consequence of my 'sweeth tooth' actions... Boy, I'm so looking forward to getting better! I cant even drink water easily! I feel pain every time I swallow, can you imagine if i eat real food? There's a reason why we don't have a hearty appetite when were sick.

Stay healthy and safe!

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  1. I'm drooling right now...haven't had those food for a long time....and get well to you & your lurvey....drink a lot of water...

  2. aww feel better Georgina. Hugs. The food picture is making me droool :)

  3. The food looks really yummy, especially the first dish. I love spicy food. I can't believe that you got sick from the dessert. It looked absolutely delicious.

    Sorry that you're so sick. I hope that you get better soon. It's no fun being sick.


  4. Aw oh no Georgina! I know exactly how you feel with the sore throat and tonsilitis b/c that was me right before it turned into bronchitis! :( Hope yours & Lurvey's go away soon!! Ah.. all the dishes look exquisitely prepared, especially that toffee pudding. But I wonder how something sweet can cause tonsilitis? =\ That's something new for me.. anyways please get better soon!

    & thank you so much for helping me post my giveaway, lots of hearts for you girl! :)

  5. Aww. Get well soon, G. :) I hate having tonsillitis too, that's why I don't like sweet stuff.

  6. WOW! the food looks amazing! <3 but yeah, i still can't believe it's the end of the month already! that's CRAZY since i remember starting summer like it was just yesterday! :(

  7. Aww, hope you feel better soon! The pudding looks really yummy though :D

  8. wow cool post i love it

    yummy food i cant stop my self

    great post

  9. Oh gosh, I was already so hungry...this post is SO not helping right now!!! hahaha

  10. Awww.. feel better soon G dear!!

    Bicol Express and Pinoy Ratatoy look utterly delish!! Thank goodness it is dinner time or else it'll be your fault that I gain kgs!! lol xD

    I went window shopping during the weekend, but I mostly stayed at home (red eye) - didn't wanna scare everyone!

  11. Mmm yummm. The photos look so yummy *-* !!

  12. haha!can't wait to see last friday's pics ;p

  13. the Ratatouille looks really healthy and delicious. I love looking at food pics it makes me hungry

  14. oh my, i'm drolling over your yummy food!

  15. Ooh! Yummy!!! The tee looks so cute too!


  16. sounds like you had a lot of fun during the weekend. the favorite part of your meal is the dessert haha i'll eat that pudding when you're not

  17. MMmmm :9 i need some of the sticky toffee pudding! love beauty bloggers that are foodies as well! :D get better soon!

  18. thank you ladies for appreciating filipino food and for the well wishes! im getting better, just one more day of antibiotics and i'll be fully recovered (i hope!) hahaha!

  19. Oh no, I'm so sorry you two got sick. I hope someone is taking good care of you. The hot liquid from boiled bean sprouts is supposed to help--but I've never tried it myself.

    Hmmm, bachelorette party and kiddie party in the same weekend! Two extremes...maybe that's what made you sick!

    Feel better soon, sweetie. =)

  20. Im drooling over your food pics and it's late here haha..

    glad to hear you've been having fun!

  21. *hugs* I'm sorry to hear you're sick, darling. =( Please do get enough rest and meds! On the bright side, your food porn has me yelling out "Is it dinner time yet?!" =)

  22. G, is it alright if I just reach over through the screen and steal your food? Because that's what I'll do anyway when you're not looking!! XD Looks so yummy!!! But dang, so unfortunate you got sick from that dessert ><


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