Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kawaii Keys - A "What's In My Bag" Supplement

My apologies for being a memory challenged blogger, I forgot to include my set of keys in my "what's in my bag" post. So here it is, but better, I'm showing you Lurvey's as well! I got the magnetic Mickey ♥ Minnie keychains from Hong Kong Disneyland 2 years ago. 

Aren't they adorbs? I remember forcing (with batting eyelashes of course) Lurvey to immediately attach the 'Mickey' keychain to his bunch of keys when I gave it to him. :D


That completes it! Now you've seen EVERYTHING inside my bag. ;)

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  1. ahhh so cute... mine is a wimbledon one hahaha

  2. That is so adorable! I love that it's a magnetic lovey dovey Mickey Minnie key chain set.

    I also forgot to comment that I love your sunglasses! I've never seen that before.


  3. omg those are really adorable!!!

  4. ohmigod so cuuuteeeeee!!!!!! NICELY DONE!! i love minnie + mickey!!
    I would DEFINITELY force my future boyfriend to have couple keychains :p
    I get confused though, sometimes people tell me that the guy should have the girl version - but I'm skeptical :p

  5. omgg that is super super adorable! i wanted to get something similar to this for fiance and i, but he refuses to put something girly looking on his cell phone, bah :(

  6. alcupcake wrote exactly what I was going to!!!

    I'm glad you included the keys in the last pic to provide a sense of scale for the figures--they're the perfect size.

    Batting eyelashes are hard to refuse. =)

  7. oh my gosh that's the cutest thing i've seen in a girl's bag. wish i could find something like this in the future and i'll make my hubby carry one lol

  8. Gah the keychains are super cute!! I've been looking for a set as well. Hopefully I can find it at Disneyland :)

  9. Aww! How absolutely adorable is that!? ^_^


  10. That's super duper cute.. I love couple items!

  11. mickey & minne key charms!!
    so sweet and signifies the both of you also~!

  12. OMG Georgina! Too cute! ^^

  13. Where can I get that? I am in love!


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