Saturday, March 13, 2010

10 Honest Things About Me + A Relapse Haul

I got tagged by the sweet ehlee of to do a "10 honest things about me" post, its my first time being tagged so I'll be obedient and do ittttt! :)

[insert any photo]
Lurvey, G & Bowie ^_^
This is a very recent photo. Yes, I had my hair cut, 6 inches were chopped off by the stylist. I had it cut because it's summertime and its so hot! Oh and just in case you might want an update for the Prettia Bubble Hair Color. ;)

1. I like being alone, especially when shopping, i don't like the feeling when someone is so bored waiting for me. hahaha!

2. I like musicals, The Phantom of the Opera is my favorite. I was so moved to tears when I watched it in NY.

3. I don’t like driving at night, bright lights give me a headache.

4. I love going to the supermarket; I find it therapeutic.

5. i CAN'T pack light, even if i try, i still end up bringing the whole house - I think I got that trait from my mom.

6. If I could, I would wear high heels 24/7. But I love flats too! Those Miu Miu flats in my last post are really haunting me I tell you.

7. I am fascinated by Korean fashion, their style looks so sweet and feminine, eternally cute yet current at the same time.

8. I am an old soul when it comes to music…I listen to marvin gaye, louis armstrong, dean martin and the likes…

9. i use 4 different pairs of shampoo and conditioner alternately - to prevent product build up which causes itching and dandruff. eew.

10. I would love to learn mandarin - so i can easily converse with locals whenever I go to HK. :)

As promised, here are my Rilakkuma plushies Ehlee! :)
We're plushie sisters now. ;)

I would like to tag all the lovely ladies who commented on my Mad About Miu Miu post:

linelle anne
Nic Nic
Mary in Wonder
Nat Nguyen
Notty Evil

I'm going to end this post with a peek at my 'relapse haul' (my cosmetic shopping sobriety has been broken. As in MAJOR FAIL. waah!)
Lots of reviews coming up! Happy weekend! :)
♡ coffretgorge


  1. oh my gosh i totally agree with you about the shopping alone thing ! whenever i go with people i don't take my time to look at things or try things on because i dont want them to get bored..but i guess it helps when i really don't want to spend any money ! haha

    i love going to the supermarket too ! and packing light is soo hard..i keep thinking like..oh what if this happens..or what if i i need this..or what if this gets dirty and i have no backup..and then i end up bringing everything with me ! haha

    & the picture of you 3 is so cute =) yay for the haircut ! i can imagine how annoying it must be with super long hair when it's blazing hot outside =)

  2. oh what a cute photo~! haha i see 2 lunasols, 2 guerlains, 2 pj and some other stuff. can't wait to see the actual post

  3. I LOVE your slippers!!!!! Anything branded by Rilakkuma is so expensive here! :( I live in the San Francisco area.. =(

  4. awww...thanks so much for tagging me..I enjoyed reading I got to know more about you..& we do have so much in common...I kinda failed on my no buy too...:D

  5. Wah~ I've been tagged :3

    I always split up with my friends when we go shopping, I dont like having someone following around and I don't follow others unless they've exclusively asked me out to help them find something (then I try not to run away to look at something shiny). And really I think shopping together only works if you have the exact same style.

    I <3 Korean style too! I'm always inspired by Krn drama~

  6. wow Nice haul!! Im looking forward to your reviews :D

    Thanks for the tag! I definitely want to do that sometime soon!

    OMG im a huge fan of Rilakkuma - kawaii!

  7. ahhh you and your SO are so adorable!!! and your plushies are sooo cutee... lavvvvv, and my goodness... i like shopping by myself too... no guilty conscience voice following me around telling me i should not buy "this" and "that"! i only like shopping with someone when they are there to hold my many shopping bags :p and i love korean fashion... i wish i could incorporate it more into my daily clothing! can't wait for your relapse haul! :p

  8. Hey girl, I love the picture! It's so sweet and your cute doggy is peeping out hehe. Ahh I like heels too but rarely get to wear them :( they are not convenient for school. I speak Mandarin but you might want to learn Cantonese if you're going to HK :P

  9. Omg, you guys look like you came right out of a magazine spread! Too cute! =D Love your new hair, G. Yay to shopping alone and musicals! I heart your Rilakkuma slippers...hee hee. Uh oh, you broke your promise. :P It's okay, you're only human. I see a lot of goodies in your haul pic. ;) Looking forward to your reviews, girl!

  10. Wow thanks for the tag George, appreciate it a lot. Love your haul ^_^

    I love to shop alone too, I don't wanna be pressured by anyone to go home hehe.

  11. haha! im so with you on 1, 5,6 and 7!! oooh i can't wait for your haul i see guerlain! hehe

  12. rillakuma!! i WANT THOSE bedroom slippers sweeeettt haha me & nicnic got the same crush!

    you look fab with your lurvey!what a hunk lol
    i spot your floral dress..uu love it..watchout my next post for floral dress!

    haha i cant travel light too!!! the bf gotta filter off my stuff before we took offf :P

    hurrah for haul~~ smilee smileee

  13. Omgosh you and your hubby look so cute together! Seriously, when I first saw the photo I thought it was a stock photo! XD It looks so pro! Hehe, love the slippers! I showed my sis and she wants them haha!
    Thanks for the tag~ I hope to do it when schools all over and done with! =)

  14. I like shopping alone too! I feel bad if someone is waiting for me. I annoy by BF by going down every section of the grocery store haha. I adore Korean fashion too. ^^


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