Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Summer Essentials

Hello lovelies! March is here and has brought summertime once again! Although I'm not a big fan of the HOT and DRY weather it brings (hello perspiration!) I love everything else about the season. Let me share with you some of my summer essentials which help me stay sane during the season of hotness (pun intended). ^_~

The most important thing on my list, Sunscreen: SPF 50 PA+++ please.
This is my current HG sunscreen, Kanebo ALLIE SPF 50 PA+++ It feels light to touch and its not oily at all. Its not meant for swimming though, but its alright, I have other sunblocks for that purpose which I'm going to share with you on another post. :)

Topshop Heart Print Shorts
I love the dainty and sweet look of this. So cute! Its breezy too, hello freshness!

Popsicles - for that instant cool feeling.
I love these Melona milky melon ice cream bars! Please try it if you haven't already. It's yummers in the tummers! It's very refreshing too! A trip to the Asian grocery is not complete without this! :)

Sunglasses - for eye protection
When it comes to sunnies, the bigger, the better. That's why I cannot part with my butterfly sunglasses, walking or driving, it blocks all those harmful UV rays from the Sun keeping my eye area safe from premature lines and wrinkles. @.@

My friends know that I always have an umbrella in my bag when I go out. Summer or Typhoon season, I'm always ready. :D This one is from Marc By Marc Jacobs, which has a cute collection of umbrellas in my opinion. 

and lastly, a no frills, no fuss, all around summer tote! You see, I'm a tote kind of gal.
I love this immaculate white version of the Pretty Nylon Little Tate from Marc by Marc Jacobs, aside from holding everything you need, its so perfect for matching just about all of your summer outfits, from the beach to the mall, it instantly freshens up your look. It's reversible too! Holy moly. I wish I can just paint my grey tote. :P


  1. great list...and I Love melona....I haven't had it for ages....

  2. heehee i just had it last weekend! oh how i love it! :D

  3. big sunglasses are always a chic stuff to have =)

  4. Cute list! I have the MJ tote in black, I got the big one to use for weekend trips, it's great!

  5. What a fun post, G! I love everything on your list. I have not tried Melona yet. Hope I can find it here! =D And those TopShop shorts are soo cute. We don't have TopShop in L.A. *cries*

  6. J girl, IKR? plus its very functional too, i can't brave the sun without sunnies x.x

    hi K! thanks! the MbMJ nylon tate's one of my favorite bags, i ♡ it!

    Lisa: thank you huuuun! oh i hope you find it soon, if u like melon flavor and ice cream, you'll LURVE melona! hihihi. :D

  7. such a cool list! how come i've never tried the melon bar. its on my list now~!

  8. Nice picks! what a cute brolly! love the bag too.. definitely can`t live without sunscreen!

    Thanks for your comment.. but most of the cooking what done by my husband, lol. I did the fired rice and the spaghetti only!

  9. i Heart that TOpshop shorts u have. very cute and sweet for summer time :D

  10. I LOVE summer!!!!! hahahahaha
    I don't mind sweating too~ hehehe
    ohhhhh ice cream is definitely a MUST~

  11. Bwhahaha! I'm at RJ's right now so I'm feeding into my blogger withdrawal since last night LOL!!!
    Omgosh, don't tell me you have those sunglasses! If you do, I'm so jelly!!!!
    Thanks for sharing this list, I'm really looking forward to Spring and Summer. Although.. we didn't get much of a winter over here.. so I might be in winter withdrawal at some point haha. I DO love all my seasons and need a piece of each!

  12. hey you! =)
    thanks for your sweet comment ! it really must be something going around the blogger world..or maybe it's a chain reaction where someone stops blogging which makes someone else look inspiration and so on and so forth...how do you stay motivated??

    I CANT BELIEVE IT'S SUMMER FOR YOU ALREADY ! i'm so jealous! mind you the winter was shorter than usual here but still ! we still have snow! ahhh SO JEALOUS
    BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE THOSE MELONA ICE CREAM BARS ! oh my god thinking of them just makes my mouth water..i love the green melon one and the strawberry one =) but those are the only ones i've tried actually..

    & i love the tote too ! i love big bags...i like to carry my life around with me =)

  13. cute items...that' bag is cute! would be nice to have!

  14. i love melonas!! my fav is the mango and banana!

  15. I totally agree, I so love the topshop shorts and umbrella^^
    Thanks for following and visiting my blog hun~

  16. Oh, the heart print shorts are adorale! Also love the white tote - so chic!


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