Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guerlain Cherry Blossom for Spring 2010

EDIT: Swatches are now up!
One word: GORGEOUS. I wasn't really planning on hauling that fun friday night, but when I passed by the Guerlain counter at Rustan's, I was greeted by a selling event featuring the Cherry Blossom collection which I have been lemming for since November 2009. Well, I am happy to report that the wait has been worth it! :)

Here are some pretty photos of the blush and eyeshadow quad:
I love how elegant the case looks. The simplicity of the delicate black creates a beautiful contrast with the colorful eyeshadows/blush when you open the case.

Blush Éclat Cherry Blossom 07 & Ombre Éclat 408 Jeu d'Ombrelles

The blush, when applied, creates a light, pretty pastel pink flush.

Blush Éclat Cherry Blossom 07 swatch:
No, that's not a bruise on my arm, that's actually the blush swatch ;) i hope you can see it!

MA did a good job on giving me tips and a mini tutorial on how to blend the colors in the palette.

Eyeshadow palette 408 Jeu d'Ombrelles swatches:
colors from left to right: upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right

I am officially declaring that I am a giddy Guerlain fan. I really love the texture of their eyeshadows. MA also tried the Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow Primer on me, which I loved, and now lemming for. Oh dear. Good thing it was OOS. hahaha! I should just remind myself that gorgeous things really come to those who wait. ^_~  

Have a happy weekend!


ps. The MAC Spring Color Forecast collection will be available today at MAC counters/stores (except Marrionaud, Mall of Asia which will be launching the collection on Sunday) MAC junkies rejoice! ;)


  1. lucky'll still get the chance to get the ripe peach blush which I've been wanting...

  2. I love Guerlain eyeshadows, I have 4 palettes so far. Too pretty to use :(

  3. Ooh girl, those palettes are simply YUMMY! =D I love the floral designs and sleek packaging!

  4. Hi Sis! The blush is really really gorgeous! Nice buy

  5. aww they are soo pretty! *sniff*
    Will we get to see a FOTD with them? *winks*

  6. george! i love your guerlain makeups!
    theyre kinda sosyal! cool!

    by looking at the pix, the e/s palette is so lovely... nice haul! mwah!

  7. got my spring forecast loot already :) i was planning to buy those pretty guerlain blush and palette but knowing that i'm a oc i don't think i would real;lu use it since i dont want to mess up the design

  8. They're so pretty I would be scared to use them!! I really love Guerlain too, but it's so pricey! >< I'm really lemming their foundation primer (you know the one with the gold pearls in it)...

  9. This is a lovely haul!
    I was very excited about this collection, but the colors of the e/s palette and the blush are ways too intense for my likings. so, I didn't get anything. Good for my purse, hehe...

  10. that's sooo pretty. do the prints rub off??! it would be a shame if they did... :(

  11. Love this haul!
    Haha yeah the packaging and the product inside is just so pretty :)

  12. WOW.... Such a nice haul. They look really stylish and cute!

    I didnt get this collection. I went for Lunasol instead.

  13. Oh my gosh those are gorgeous !! I love the designs on the eyeshadows/blush, so pretty ! I've actually never seen an eyeshadow that combines different colors before - super pretty!

  14. SOOO pretty~
    I'm gonna go see if I can still get them online~ hehehe. isn't it hard to use those pretty palettes? It's adorable~

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  16. Thanks for the wishes Georgina! Wow I don't think I've seen such pretty prints on shadows and blush! I can see why you're in love with them :) Yay for MAC, hope you find something you like in the collection!

  17. thank you ladies for your wonderful comments :)

    i already swiped :'( the prints out and made swatches for these babies and im going to update this entry today. It was such a bittersweet feeling hehe :)

  18. Oh love the Guerlain stuff~! Darn totally should have got my hands on that blush when I saw it haha!

  19. hi nat! theyre gorgeous and very wearable maybe you can still get it somewhere :)

  20. I've got the blush and I really love it! Thanks for the pics!


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