Monday, March 8, 2010

Preview March 2010 Scans

Hello beauties! I realized its been a week since my last post and I seriously needed to update or you might think I've evaporated in this hot, hot weather. haha. Anyway, I just got my copy of Preview Magazine's March 2010 issue, since its summertime for us here in the Philippines, the issue features style and beauty articles relevant for the season.

They put the undoubtedly pretty doctor/model/actress Maricar Reyes on the cover wearing florals. (yes, she has a medical degree :))
Even though she is petite, she managed to elongate her limbs in this shot, making her look a lot taller.

I like her braided hair and vibrant lips. :)

The perfect outfit to make you 'bloom' this summer :)

 Marc By Marc Jacobs Ad

The 10 Swimsuit Commandments:

some summertime fashion picks by the fashion editor
the colors here look so cool and fresh, and the Topshop lace shoes are beyond lovely!

The Beauty Section:
Thumbs up on the title! :)
I have to say this, they need to step it up on their beauty section! (ok, this is a fashion magazine but still, step it up Preview! :)) I've got my eyes on that MAC concealer with SPF. ;)

a feature on some korean salons:
apparently, super straight hair is out and wavy locks are in! What do you think about digital perm? Has anyone tried it yet? Would love to know about your thoughts.

Have a happy week ahead!

♡ coffretgorge


  1. i vote for wavy hairs! i haven't tried digital perm yet but i'm very interested

  2. thanks for the scan! I am definitely getting one. :)

  3. thank you for sharing!!! i never get to see these mags!

  4. i wonder how did she survive after the scandal.
    thats comparable to an atomic bomb for a decent girl like her.

    at least shes still fighting the dark past.

  5. ohmygosh doctor/model/actress?! that's crazy ! she must has the boys lining up for her ! haha

    what's a digital perm? i'm totally loving the wavy hair look, but my hands refuse to work with me and curling my hair's impossible!! straightening is so much easier haha.

  6. Good to know you haven't evaporated, G! Hehe ;) Thank you hun for sharing this magazine. The model is not only pretty but! I can't wait for the Spring and Summer season for sure. I love the look of digi perms but have never tried one.

  7. omgosh... what an overachiever!!! (ok I am truely jealous hahah)... she's GORGEOUS AND SMART!!!

  8. thank you ladies! Its always a pleasure sharing stuff with you :)

    ps. left reply comments on your respective blogs. stay gorge! xoxo ;)


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