Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mad About Miu Miu

Suddenly, I'm feeling more fashion and less makeup nowadays, (Lurvey is rejoicing and crying at the same time somewhere in the South now. LOL) but since I call this blog my little box of gorgeousness, I think this post is legit. Saw the Miu Miu SS10 campaign recently; I think the bags are a bit blah, the shoes are pretty awesome, but what's on my gotta get get list are these cat's eye sunnies and crystal embellished leather flats from Miu Miu's SS10 campaign. Holy Moly. The gotta get get list never ends does it?

SS10 Cat's Eye Sunglasses
The model looks like a cross breed of Jessica Alba and Devon Aoki no? Anybody know her name?

Jewel Encrusted Leather Flats
in brown...

and black leather...

I think I'm in looove. I can't even decide what's more beautiful, the brown or the black one. Help? :)

Oh Miu Miu, why don't you come to Manila?


  1. I so agree with you that sunglasses is a must have & I've been wanting flats that looks like that like forever...but at $600...uhmmm...I have to look for a cheaper version I guess...

  2. Hi georgina!

    Omggg! I'm totally in love with the sunglasses & the black flats are absolutely gorgeous!

    is Miu Miu a Japanese brand?

  3. omg <3 the shoes!! those sunnies too!! whoa, i'm with you on this... and yes, gotta get get list never ends hahaha... ;)

    dana (

  4. I love black, because it goes with anything! :)

  5. hello, thanks for following my blog :)
    i also vote for the black flats :D

  6. OMG Miu Miu bags are SOOO cute.. but love the picks of the pumps!

  7. hmm that ad photo is super! Love it!
    I do want to buy the glasses! HAHA
    And the model's lips are so weird! Yet sensual and pouty!^^

  8. black!! it's so classy. I think brown is more casual

  9. Love the black flats! Brown doesn't look as festive~

    Oh and if you have time, please check out my blog:

  10. Love those flats! I can't decide on the color. They both rock! =D Sorry, don't know the model's name but those sunnies are fierce.

  11. *giggles* You like my PJ's? Oh boy. :P I could do eBay but I think it will go for at least double the price which I don't think it's worth. Grrr... Oh well, whatevs. I'm sure red polish would look fab on you too! All Asians look good in red imo. :D Aw, I just got lucky b/c there was a promo code I was able to apply it to. ;)

  12. i know!! i love those flats!! i wish they sold mui mui too! i love their stuff

  13. who does like miu miu hohoho
    i vote for black!

  14. Now that you mention less makeup, I think I'm gonna go back to my au naturel style, I noticed that the past few days, I'm into sporting smokey eyes. I miss my natural looking makeup ^_^.

  15. Me too! More items for my closet please haha! Those shoes look great with the embellishment.

  16. nonononono... i'm trying to cut down on shopping... shouldnt have came here and saw those fabulous bling bling flats argghhhhhh ;)

    new miu miu gal's name is lindsay wixson.


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