Saturday, March 27, 2010

NOTW: MAC Nail Lacquer in Abalone Shell

Does the name make you want to go to the beach or what? Part of the Spring Color Forecast Collection No.4 and limited edition, Abalone Shell is a creamy nude shade perfect for ladies who want simple and clean but still pretty looking nails. Definitely office friendly.
Consistency is a bit runny (than say, CHANEL nail lacquers) but its easy to brush on the nails. The finish when it dries actually looks a bit dull for me so a clear top coat is  must if you like shinier looking nails.

NOTW using 2 coats of Abalone Shell and a clear top coat:
(photo taken under natural sunlight)

What do you think? Is it your kind of nude? :)


  1. I love this shade! It's a perfect nude color for spring, and flatters you a lot! It kinda reminds me of my YSL Beige Mousseline. ;)

  2. what a pretty nude nail colour! perfect for every occasion!

  3. It's a very pretty nude, quite sheer but still lovely. :) I only have one MAC nail polish but it's unused so I can't say anything about the formula.

  4. thanks Jess, Nic and K! :) its my first nude np and i like it so far. :)

  5. the name makes me want some abalone :p i think it's a very nice nude! i've been trying to find a non-streaky nude! how many coats until this becomes opaque? (two like your nails?)

  6. I love this! It definitely would be my kind of nude. =D

  7. I've always been scared to try nude nail polish because i'm scared it'll look like I have no nails, LOL, but it looks good on you =)

  8. Hm...I like it. I have a feeling it would make my hands look lighter (instead of darker). I usually go for lighter shades and then regret it afterwards when I realize I've tanned.

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  9. ehlee: yep! i have 2 coats on my NOTW :)

    lisa love, yay! its my first "nude" NP so im feeling quite good i picked a good one :)

    jessie, LOL! me too! but i guess you just have to try them on and see if they work with your hands :D

    J E S S U, i think Abalone Shell will work even better with tanned complexions! have you gone to the beach yet? :) thanks for inviting me to join your GA. i'll check it out :)

  10. "What do you think? Is it your kind of nude?"

    Once you get to know me better I will be able to make a joke about a line like that and you'll know I'm not being a jerk--just silly. At least I hope so! Wait, did you do that on purpose? Like the funny post title??? =)

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