Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lunasol 10th Anniversary Makeup Palette

Seriously, sometimes I wish that I had an event to go to everyday or that I had 10 faces (not!) just to use the things in my collection. LOL. I also wish I had discovered my love of cosmetics sooner. Im such a late bloomer! heehee. which leads me to my actual post subject: the Lunasol 10th Anniversary Makeup Palette. I know its been out for a long while but I have been resisting, telling myself I don't want the mascara and the lip gloss, it would be a waste if I bought it. But after seeing the beige beige palettes get more attention recently, it ignited my interest for the palette (the beauty blogging world is such a tempting place to be in!) since i like neutral shades and the blush is super pretty, I finally got myself a set. woohoo! :)

The box and the palette pouch:
the patent brown pouch looks so sleek and pretty, too bad it's a fingerprint magnet. :(

What's inside:
Product close ups:

High Stylized Mascara EL Black
The mascara is mediocre, it doesn't curl or lengthen my lashes that much, the only thing I like about it is the wand. As facebook users would say: UNLIKE! hahaha! I'd rather stick with Lancôme and Majolica Majorca mascaras.

Full Glamor Gloss N in Ex 08 Beige Coral:
The gloss has a pretty shade of coral-pink and lots of shimmers which gives off a really pretty pout, it doesn't dry my lips that much like other glosses (hello NARS). See Blushed Wombat's extensive review and swatches here. Her lip swatches are amazing :)

Noble Shade Liner in Ex 01 Deep Brown:
I LOOOVE this liner! the applicator brush is just perfect (not too thin or thick for me), its easy to manipulate and the shade is a really beautiful chocolate brown with micro shimmers. It does not smudge and it dries quite fast. 5 stars! :)


Overall, I really like this set, it would be great for traveling. The colors are all very wearable for everyday, I think it has a good value for money because you get a full sized eyeshadow palette, blush + highlighter and gloss plus the handy sized mascara and the eyeliner. Another LUNASOL LOVE! ♥.♥-


  1. oh so nice. i wish i got this but i've already have the beige beige so it'd be a waste to get the set. anyway congrats!

  2. Oooh what a nice purchase!! I love the liner and how it has shimmers in it! How pretty!
    Too bad about the UNLIKE for the mascara though =( but not liking just one product out of the whole set is pretty good!!

  3. Wow, that palette looks amazing. Wonderful browns for an everyday look :)

  4. Beige Beige is wonderful yes? :)

    Georgina, did you get this from the counters or through an online shop?

  5. gorgeous color combinations! It's indeed a great item!

  6. i WANT that! but... there are already so many similar color palettes to this!!! i feel like all i see are browns/beiges/pinks all the time lol. for now i will lem at your purchase :p

  7. I agree that the beauty blogging world is tempting...wah! ;) Hun, this set is absolutely TDF gorgeous!! We need Lunasol here. *cries*

  8. a biggg hurrah for LUNASOL love!
    nothing is ever tooo late~~

    very well taken photos here :D
    so many are ravings about the beige beige! give us EOTD

    thnks for droppin by my madness blog!
    oh yeah..vuitton was doing the rabbit ear on the runway last season!
    haha you played along my terms for apparatus..

    you hav a wonderful blog here..me readin ya too!

  9. ooh this is a nice palette! i love kanebo products! they have a lot of products that work! how much did you buy this for?

  10. that is so beautiful! i want one too~

    xoxo elle

  11. Such a pretty palette! I'd def check it out if it was still available in Japan.. it's quite good value considering you get a little of everything!

  12. I'm sorry to hear about the sties--that sounds painful. Fortunately my vision is good. I do have glasses for seeing at a distance (depending how far away things are). I wear them in movie theaters and when I'm driving--so I don't miss any street signs! =)

  13. i have to say that the LUNASOL set is awesome. i love it sooo much. lol, wish I own this set <3

  14. looking great there, I wonder if we have this set here in my country... and btw, do u mind sharing the price of this set? :D

  15. shaynaJo hello! i got the set for Php4,420 (approx. USD $96) :)

  16. Wowzers! That looks so nice to have, everything in one! I really admire your strength to resist! I'm catching on too and haven't been buying as much as I did in the past woohoo!

  17. very sleek packaging,good things comes in sleek packages haha

  18. it was so nice~~ i hope i can hv 1 oso~~
    really nice set~


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