Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BB Craze: Lioele Waterdrop BB Cream

Moisturizing Waterdrop BB for glossy and lustrous makeup... That's the promise Lioele (Life of Elegant Ease) offers with this BB cream and with main ingredients which includes Aloe Vera juice, papaya & peach extract. It was safe to expect a really light and moisturizing BB cream. :)
The packaging is a simple blue tube with a screw cap (similar to L'egere), which is a different take from their usual pink packaging.

it looked light when I first put it at the back of my hand, but it turned out alright after blending it out.

the cool part is, it forms tiny water droplets while you blend.
Awesome right? Yeah, I'm like a kid, easily impressed. :P

If you have clear skin (because it won't cover anything) and you're on the lookout for a sheer, moisturizing BB cream with sun protection (SPF27 PA+++), you may want to try Lioele's Water drop BB cream.

I purchased this in Colourmix Hong Kong for HKD130 (approx. US $17) A little side story: Beware of the SA's there, they tend to be REALLY pushy (maybe they're commission based?) The one who assisted me told me this was on promotion, buy one take one, so I got another tube for my brother's gf, but I still ended up paying for two bottles. I went back and complained while showing my receipt and SA told me that it was just how it goes in their POS. sheesh! She could have just told me that this BB cream is so great I would want to get 2 and I'll believe her. Hehe. Cosmetic pushover. ;)

going back to the topic, here's a with/without product photo:
<-left without, right-> with blended Lioele Waterdrop BB cream

As you can see the coverage is very sheer, it didn't even do much about my greenish veins (haha!) but it definitely gives that glowy look after it sets so I still like it. I would recommend it to ladies who have combination/dry skin. My dark spots and acne scars are clearing up now so I don't need heavy coverage now, just a little concealer for the under eye circles and this BB cream does the job for my everyday base makeup routine. :)

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  1. I really love BB creams! Thanks for the review! :)

  2. wow I can see the droplets. Very cool. Thanks for the review! I have yet to try out the Red Earth BB Cream I picked up last month.

  3. The SAs in Hong Kong are a real turn off. I love how they recommend me entirely different things from what I actually asked for. xD;

    The BB cream looks so cool, if only it had a bit more coverage! It did make your skintone very bright! ^^

    ♥ Milk

  4. wow you can really see a difference :)
    and the waterdroplet thing seems cool :D

  5. i'm so affected by your experience! how rude of the SA! =/

    glad to know you're loving the BB cream!

  6. LOL at the SA! honestly, they should BACK-OFF! I hate it when they kept coming over even after I said 'am just looking around'
    That BB cream looks good on your skin. Would be better if you show it on your face. I find some stuff blends differently on my hand then on my face. So now, whenever I try a tester at any store, I just put it where it's supposed to be applied on. *throws hygiene issue out of the window* LOL

  7. I've been looking for another BBCream to try and this looks interesting....does this come in different shades? That SA totally ripped u off....I would have return it...and buy it in another store...

  8. wow the water droplet thing is amazing ! x]

  9. sounds really interesting, I wonder if it is better then L'egere?

  10. I'm pretty amazed at the water droplets too! Wonder how it does that.. :P It looks like it does its job though. Can't believe you almost got ripped off by SA, yikes

  11. NIce, but I think it will look abit ghastly on my brown skin :) I wonder why BB cream always have such limited color choice

  12. I have a similar waterdrop product but a moisturizer, it's interesting.

  13. you're completely right to say that SA in HK are pushy! They'll make you feel ugly to buy the product -_-;; def commission based..

    But the BB cream sounds great, i'm glad it works for you!

  14. Deny: You're welcome! :)

    Kristie: ooh please let us know how the red earth bb cream ranks in! :)

    Milk: i know right? im kinda used to SA's following me around but the ones who really try to get sneaky are so annoying! grr. :)

    eli_7: yes, it does brighten my skin tone a bit. :)

    peachypinksisters: thank you for the sentiments! :) good thing i liked the bb cream! :)

    ning*: thanks!

    aisyah: thank you for the suggestion, i would love to show my face too, but it might scare some of my readers away. :P

    nic: i dont think this comes in other shades, dont we have the same skin tone? look at my foundation shade on the right ->

    sidobeleibeauty: amazing technology huh? the iPad's got nothing on the water drop bb cream hahaha :)

    cherry: i'll send you a reply on your site ;)

    Karen: I know! to think i'm a savvy shopper! good thing i liked the bb cream! hahaha! :)

    acutelife: this bb cream is quite sheer so i think it will take a lot to make you look ghastly ;) maybe its because they dont want bb cream wearers to go through the agony of finding the right shade so they just make one shade which will fit all (fortunate ones) hahaha :P

    beautyontheway: really? would you mind sharing it with us? :)

  15. Boo to pushy SA's! :( This kinda reminds me of the Dr. Jart Water Drop lotion I tried a while back. It didn't work and broke me out. *sigh* I wonder if Lioele's would be the same or actually different? I'm loving my Laura Mercier TM at the mo' so I'm hesitant to try anything new. Though your review is tempting! :)

  16. Wow these look great! can you get them in the UK do you know? xx

  17. lol i bought it @ colourmix too cuz they were heavily persuading me & my mom... u're right about the SA, they kept on introducing other products lol it was so annoying.


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