Thursday, July 22, 2010

Singa-purr! Pt. 2

First of all, I would like to apologize in advance to my dear cfbeauty friend Karen for going to the zoo. Sorry babe! I know how you feel towards caged animals. It was for my cutie patootie niece, I know you'll understand. :D You still love me right? hehe *hugs*

Day 3 was spent roaming around the Singapore Zoo, it was raining lightly when we got there, thats why I don't have a lot of nice pics to share. It just so much hassle holding an umbrella, my bag and taking out my camera. Plus my niece always wants to be carried, I'm not complaining, just explaining ;) I love carrying her, even if she weighs like a sack of rice HAHAHA! Im such a doting aunt. :D

This is a cute pic (I think) me wearing a Panda pompom hat! :)

After the zoo we went to the Shoppes @ The Marina Bay Sands, it wasn't completely open yet, there are stores still in their construction phase. But it was nice to see. My parents and niece rode the local version of Grand Canal's gondolas - Singapore Sampan's :)
look at my parents waving, they're like celebrities! lol

The beauty blogger in me took notice of the OPI boutique, I went inside while my parents and niece were riding the sampans. They have a wide variety of products and nail polish shades, I tried some and got 3 bottles of nail polish which I think are waaaay overpriced. Yep, I only realized it now. Hey, I got excited ok? Don't judge. XD
they gave me a price list (read: EXPENSIVE!) for nail services, just tell me if you want to see it and I'll put it up for you.

Now, I know a lot of people who visit Singapore go to the Merlion as soon as they get settled in. Not us! We always get too tired to go see the mythical creature after our daily activities so we just did a quick family photo with the Merlion before going to the airport.
is it weird that I find the merlion adorable? I want a stuffed merlion pillow! I didn't go to the souvenir store so I'm not sure if they have one. Time for google search! ;)

I also got a souvenir pic with the Marina Bay Sands as back drop.
isnt it cool? It's like Noah's Ark ver. 2010 :)

Alright thats it for today, I'm working on the haul pics and also some scans to share with you next time. I hope you're all having a good week. It's Thursday once again, can you smell the weekend? I do! :)

♡ always,


  1. The pics are gorgeous! I love the one with the Marina Bay Sands backdrop... =)

    Looking forward to another post! ^__^

  2. awesome hat!
    I have a similar one hehe

  3. aww the panda hat is so cute! :)
    pandas make my heart melt heehee

    regarding sephora, i use an international credit card when ordering then i use either johnny air or co-loading service from for my shipping :)

  4. Very cute pic w/the Panda skin! ;P Tell your friend that zoos (some zoos) do a lot of research to help endangered species survive.

  5. wow that's insane. I didn't know O.P.I has their own boutique!

  6. great photos!! the first photo is too cute!!it looks like such an amazing place!!

  7. Omg, that pompom hat! (*wants*) Hee hee...your parents look so cute in the sampan. *^_^* An OPI boutique? *gulp* Aw love your Merlion and Marina Bay Sands pics! You look so classy =D

  8. Georgina, of course I still love you girl! The good news is I don't have any strong feelings against zoos.. only circuses :) I may not like animals being caged, but I also know zoos do take good care of them. I don't blame you for bringing your niece there at all! You look so cute with that panda hat, and you're not the only sucker for pretty (& expensive) makeup products ;)

  9. you look cute with the pompom hat! i have not been to the zoo since xx years. hehe! Now i wanna go explore marina bay sands :D

  10. wow Singapore looks fun! I really like your outfit in the last pic, very feminine and pretty!

  11. Wow it's beautiful over there. An OPI shop?? Lol I didn't know one existed ><


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