Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Singapore Haul

aka THE Birthday Haul. This is my first time I'm having my birthday as a beauty blogger, and the fact that I was spending it in Singapore did not help in keeping my wallet safe from the damage. Hello Sephora! Sasa! Watson's! ION Orchard and Takashimaya!

random fact: I used to gift myself with gadgets, then purses and now cosmetics. eeeep! As lurvey would say, "I wonder what's next?" should I say DIAMONDS and see if he would faint? hahaha! :P

first up, skincare from FANCL! Lovely Stellar swore by FANCL products for keeping her skin clear and healthy during one of her HK trips. I was curious, so I had to get me some FANCL to try!
2 bottles of Tense Up EX Collagen drinks as GWP, FANCL rest eye gel, light lotion, milky lotion, washing powder and the foaming ball. I also got a free lifetime membership card for spending a certain amount. I think it was for purchases amounting to S$100 and up.

from Paul and Joe, Takashimaya: I bought ONE finishing powder but I got a lot of gifts with my purchase! Mabuhay to filipino SA's! They are very generous. :) I hope I don't get them in trouble. :D
2 mini's of their famous cleansing milk, finishing powder in 01 Dune from the Sahara collection, the most attractive foundation sample and the pretty zip pouch!

from Korres, Ion Orchard: (first row) I got 3 body wash tubes (two for lurvey, one for me), 1 lip butter, 1 Quince body butter and their bestseller Guava body butter.
The rest of the items in the pic are samples and GWP.

from Watson's, Wisma Atria: Skin79 BB Creams!
I'm currently loving the pink label bb cream I got from HK so I got another one as backup!

hair stuff: Liese (pronounced as lee-zay) aka Prettia bubble hair colors!
They were having a promotion so I got these for S$17.90 (approx. US$13) each plus I got S$5 vouchers to spend on my next visit.

Lucido-L design pot, Liese hair cocktail
OMG the Liese hair cocktail works wonders in keeping my hair more manageable! Full review coming soon.

from Sephora Ion Orchard: Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on liners Duo in Zero and Bourbon and Boscia blotting linens which are so expensive. I thought... I should have bought the Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland set instead. :\ Buyer's remorse is stressful! haha.

from the OPI boutique, Shoppes at the Marina Bay Sands: 3 bottles of overpriced Nail Lacquers, my only consolation is that the shades I picked out are not available locally :'(  to :)
look! OPI candies! they're gone now. :D

That's it for now, I hope I didn't disappoint! There are still some small loose items which I will post in separate entries. Although shopping time was limited, I still managed to get almost everything on my list. I wanted to try Cle De Peau concealers but did not have the time to try some. Even if most of the items are priced higher than say, Hong Kong, I enjoyed shopping in Singapore because the SA's/BC's were very friendly, sweet and generous with samples and GWP's. They were very eager to answer my questions and weren't pushy at all which is a BIG factor for me.

To end this post, I would like to thank all the wonderful bloggers who sent me birthday greetings and wishes, and say hello to all the new readers/followers of ♡ coffretgorge, I appreciate the time you take in visiting my site. I will do my best to keep you interested with cheerful posts and lots of aesthetically pleasing pics. 


ps. a few more days until my birthday giveaway is closed, please join if you haven't entered yet. 


  1. Wow, amazing haul! I'm especially loving the BB creams and Paul and Joe products.

  2. wow, that's a lot! major haul, love it!

  3. Great haul!
    I'd like to try a BB Cream

  4. i'm so jealous of all your buys! i love singaporeee

  5. :) I didn't use any mascara in that photo just my natural lashes...:)

    Nice haul!!!

    Much love,
    enchi :3

  6. Wow, this is an awesome haul! You've got so much stuffs, can't wait for your reviews :)

  7. Wow I feel almost overwhelmed with all the goodies you got! You definitely did not disappoint and I would love to know Lurvey's reaction when you tell him diamonds are next on your agenda ;) I've never seen such OPI packaging before.. they must be super special!

  8. :O The hair dye looks so pretty..!! Lol. ^^
    Do you know if the Watsons in HK have put the skin79 Oriental BB cream on sale yet? :P


  9. It can be hard for pretty girls to know if they are getting a normal freebie, or the bonus freebies for being cute.

    I was going to joke that he should shower you with pearls, rubies, jade and diamonds...but some of your readers might think I was serious. And some of them might think he really should! =)

  10. Girl, you didn't hold back did you? ;) That is some haul! The Paul & Joe makeup bag is so cute. *^_^* And wow you stocked up on hair dye!

  11. wow, u wonderful haul wit a lot of shopping.

  12. Reviews please? hehehe

    Soo many great great things!

  13. thats a lovely Fancl haul.. the washing powder didnt work out so well for me :( how do you like it? how do you find the tense up??

    I bought my necklace from Hong kong a few yrs ago XD it`s those typical Jade necklaces (that my mum insists I should wear XD)

  14. nice haul! I really want to try BB creams, but I'm too tan for them unfortunately :(

  15. thank you ladies... and gent. ;)

    @ Lisaa!: I don't see skin79 at watson's stores in hk, you can try looking for them at colourmix stores, the pink label costs HKD95, they're cheaper there. But the oriental variant will surely cost more because it has a blusher included and the ingredients are more "luxurious". :)

  16. Woohoo! Haul! Haha I love reading and seeing hauls XD.
    You sure got a lot of lovely things. I'm the same when it comes to pushy SAs, just don't want em :P

  17. Wow, so many awesome stuff! Please do reviews on these products when you get a chance!

    My boyfriend has my makeup bag because we went out this weekend, and I haven't seen him since Sunday! haha.

  18. OMG That's a huuuuuuge haul! wow Everything seems cool! If you'll have the trength to review them all, don't forget the Lucido-L pot, please^^ I have the blue one but am wondering how the others work =)

  19. what an amazing haul!!! i love the great reviews on paul and joe and hope to try it one day ^^

  20. Great haul! OMG, you got OPI candies?! I'm so jealous D:!

  21. hi! thanks for your comment :)

    i haven't tried YSL's formula :X but Canmake's texture is very good and easy to apply for beginners like me, lol.

    so you like YSL"s formula??


  22. Happy BIRTHDAY!!!
    Birthdays are the perfect excuse to buy yourself some cute presents and live it up!!
    Enjoy your new goodies,
    The Beckerman Girls

  23. I've always been interested about the Fancl collagen drinks. How do they taste like? Never tried Fancl before, hope you'll like them! :D great haul dear!


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