Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Canmake Lip Essence 00 + Nudy Glow 01 Rose Macaron Swatches

Hi everyone! Today I want to show you swatches of the Canmake Nudy Glow in 01 Rose Macaron which is the the most wearable/flattering shade for my skin tone. I also have the Canmake Lip Essence in 00 which serves as a nice lip base before I use the Nudy Glow or any other lippie I'm in the mood for. :)

(description from Canmake) 01 Rose Macaroon: A pinkish beige that gives your lips a gentle rose-pink color. Creates a gorgeous countenance that will make your skin look one tone brighter. Contains silver pearl
Nudy Glow comes with a brush applicator. I think it would have been better if it came with a flat paddle fuzzy applicator like Maquillage lip glosses, that would definitely save ladies some time in applying the pigmented gloss. :)

Lip Essence comes with a doe foot applicator.

now on to the swatches:
top, Lip Essence in 00
bottom, Nudy GLow in 01 Rose Macaron

As you can see, the Lip Essence is translucent with tiny specks of gold shimmer which gives my lips an iridescent glow which is very nice. It gives moderate moisture to my lips and does not cause annoying white film build up which is gross. XD One application is good for 4-5 hours depending on your "lip activity". I meant eating and drinking from a cup you naughty minded folks! :P

The Nudy Glow in 01 Rose Macaron is a beautiful nude creamy pink, it definitely, instantly makes lips looks plump and juicy, plus it contains moisturizing essence to keep lips looking smooth. However, this gloss tends to emphasize lip lines so blotting is essential to ensure a polished look. It is more comfortable to wear than say MAC Lipglass which I find sticky.

A lot of ladies asked me where I got the Canmake stuff on my HK Haul, you can find Canmake (and DollyWink) at Citysuper. If you want a price list you can check their HK site: ^_^

Ahhh.. I think I'm halfway through with my HK Haul reviews. Im looking forward to finishing them real soon!


ps. It's storm season here in the Philippines now. Please bring your rain gear people! We must not get sick! ;)


  1. Aw thanks for sharing! The pink gloss is really cute! Is the lip essence is like a lip primer or more like a moisturizer? :)

  2. The peachy color is pretty. Thanks for the swatches!

  3. The color looks really pretty! Love the packaging on the essence. So it's mainly for keeping your lippie on?

    P.S Stay dry and healthy! ;)

  4. aww canmake! i've been wanting it like forever. the pink shade looks really cute but i like the essence better. translucent with gold shimmer will go with everything.

  5. These two colors are so pretty! The Canmake packaging is so unique.. I like that it's shiny and pink ;) I didn't see a comment from you before asking about changing the banner/layout =X As you found out the layout part is not too bad cuz blogger is nice to us =) The banner takes a little more work cuz I used Photoshop.. are you familiar with that program? Btw take care and keep warm in the storm weather!

  6. Yeah!! RAIN ROCKS!!! I hope I get a chance to see him shoot!!! <3

    I love that color of the gloss...:) will it also work with pigmented lips? About the Citysuper, where exactly is it in HK?? :D I've seen Sasa and Watsons but I haven't seen Citysuper yet when I was in HK... :)


    Much love,
    enchi :3

  7. Those canmake lippies are so pretty :D

  8. Rose Macaron looks really cute! I am hoping for a future lipstick collection. I'm more of a lipstick kind of gal. :D

    ♥ Milk

  9. The nudy glow is so pretty and I love the lip essence packaging

  10. I have the lip essence in same shade too and I love it! :D

  11. Thanks for the swatches and thoughts! The pink gloss is definitely very pretty =) Unfortunately I'm not much of a lipgloss person since I hate leaving marks on cups, and the greasy feeling they leave on coffee tumblers & bottles! I don't know if you know what I mean? xD

    It's the storm season in Phillipines eh? IT FEELS LIKE STORM SEASON HERE IN THE UK. For the past two days it hasn't stopped raining. LOL.

  12. The lipgloss looks pretty. I'm digging nudes now. :)

  13. The packaging for the lip essence looks quite interesting, I think. Haha^0^

  14. thank Q for the reviews!
    sniff sniff rose macaroon is calling meeee *hehe

    you da naughty minded gals~ i swear i didn't think of anything dirteee haha

    sigh* i will never finish my lipgloss...any tips?

  15. The packaging on those lippies are so cute and interesting. I've never tried flat paddle applicators... I wonder how they are.

  16. i love the packaging!! i wish they had canmake here :(


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