Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Updates + Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? I had a fun and pleasurable one because I got to see and spend some time with my high school classmates/friends when I attended C & M's wedding on Saturday night with lurvey, the bride wore a beautiful dress by no less than Vera Wang, accented with a beaded waist sash by the talented Janna Katipunan who also happens to be the little sister of another high school friend. Gosh that made me feel ancient. lol. Janna's creation added a sweet and sparkly detail to the bride's simple yet romantic Vera Wang pick. Gawrsh, it was pretty! :)

here's our lurveydurvey souvenir photo from the party:

Then on Sunday, lurvey and I had a late lunch date at Arya with our good friend M of to comfort him while his ladylove K is in Vietnam ;) It was a persian feast, yummers! :D Overall, it was a lovely weekend for me because I love seeing our friends and catching up on their respective lives, reminisce about our memories when we were still in school and plan our next food trips together. I think its true what they say, friendship develops best over good food! :) oops! no decent pics as we were too busy chatting and eating! hahaha!

As for the beauty part of this post, today i'm going to share some thoughts on Kiss Me Heroine Make's Long & Curl Mascara, this is a japanese drugstore brand. I got it from Sasa (Hong Kong) for HKD59 (approx. $8)
packaging is a regular tube, maroon in color with gold text and feminine details.

the wand is slightly curved and it has a twisted brush which makes application smooth.
If you are looking for a nice drugstore brand mascara which can decently curl and lengthen lashes, I will gladly recommend this next to my HG Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus.

Here's a "with and without" product shot:
(this is why i love mascaras!)
Pretty nice and natural eh?

gives some length
It does not smudge.
It does not clump.
It holds the curl reasonably all day.
Waterproof - no raccoon eyes!
easy to take off (I use Shu Uemura Cleansing oil fresh)
lightweight, natural looking

It may cause irritation to sensitive eyes.
its not available locally
There are some fake products out there at eBay (some bloggers have shared their experience on this)
If you're looking for a mascara with dramatic effects, this is not for you. :)

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  1. You and Lurvy look very adorable together... awww! hehe

  2. awww... cute souvenir pics! ^__^

  3. that mascrea looks nice :) pretty bottle too <3

  4. Ancient! I'm glad you said it because I've been thinking that, but didn;t want to be the one to bring it up. I dearly hope you've got someone to help you up out of chairs and remindng you to take your pills. From what I've seen, once you get used to having dinner at 4:00pm everything else is a breeze. ;P

    But seriously, when I read the line, "As for the beauty part of this post..." I thought to myself, "I thought the picture was the beauty part of the post!" Thank goodness you took it before the "ancient" started showing. Silly girl. =)

  5. Hi!!!awww...cute photos..U look so perfect together...looks like u had a fun weekend..

    and yeah, I know...I'm so bad with not spending at all...I should stop hoarding....and sure will post wearing the necklace..if ever I lose weight...hehe...I've been wanting to post outfit post but I just look terribly

  6. Thanks for the review. ^0^Too bad I have sensitive eyes, haha!

  7. Oh, I just got my hands on the Kiss Me Heroine Mascara last week, and also was going to share my thoughts about it. ;)

    I LOVE it!

  8. omgosh you guys are sooo cute!! you're like miss gorgeous and your boy is mr. hottie! the last wedding I attended there was an actual photo booth that spitted out actual photo booth style photos that you can cut up after and decorate on a souvenir guest book page!

  9. What nice pictures, you guys look very sweet together!

    I prefer a mascara that is on the dramatic side, maybe because I was spoiled by Lancome's Hypnose. All the mascaras that I used after it never live up to my expectations!

  10. Hey doll! Thanks for the note. Miss you too :D Just taking another blogcation again...tee hee. Laziness really. :P

    You two look so cute in that souvenir photo! Love that blue dress on you. I've seen this mascara at the store but never tried it. I do agree that it gives a pretty, natural look! :)

  11. awwww that such a cute pic :)) and that mascara seems really nice :)

  12. aww such cute pics!!! i'm going to steal some of the poses ahha.

    thanks for the mascara review. it does make your lashes look longer. so you still think MJ is better right.

  13. Cute cute cute pic!!!

  14. What a hot couple! ;) Wow having a Vera Wang dress for a wedding sounds like a dream come trueee. Btw I like your lashes- I go for mascaras that give me a natural look too!


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