Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Singa-purr! Pt. 1

Hello! Ni hao! Apa Khabar! I'm back from my birthday trip, Singapore was super fun! I had a great time bonding with my whole family, I wish we can do this more often, since family time brings me so much joy. It's the greatest gift ever! :)

I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of Miu Miu's in the main shopping district, Prada's younger sis must be very popular with Singaporeans.

We stayed at Royal Plaza on Scotts, which is connected to the DFS Galleria. An adjoining hotel-shopping mall is always a good combo. Its also a few skips and hops away from Isetan Scotts and an underground walk away to Ion Orchard. ;)

We started our Singapore adventure by shopping and having an authentic dinner, I had shrimp laksa, it was creamy, spicy and delicious!

and the softest fried bean curd i've tasted...
it was like munching on little hot clouds. :)

Day two was spent at Universal Studios, it was packed! Good thing we still managed to get some nice, stranger-free pictures. hahaha
my whole family :)

me and my niece posin' like egyptians ^_~

the battlestar gallactica rollercoasters:
which aren't working yet. boo! (>.<)

im hooked! :P

A-OK @ Friar's, Far far away

Can you see my short hair? hehe. I chose the Prettia Marshmallow brown color, my BIL said it was too light. But I still like it. stubborn gal hahaha! >:)

That's it for now, Pt. 2 will have our Singapore Zoo and Merlion snaps. I will also share my Singapore beauty haul soon, I just need to take some pics.

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  1. The last time I went to Singapore was back in 2004 pa! I'll be going there again on October, can't wait! :)

  2. what a fun trip! your food look so yummy. little hot clouds <= really funny! i love your hair color but you need to show a bigger pic

  3. Look at you jet-setting away all the time! Glad to see you had a fantastic time :) mmmMM the soups look so good! I'm a sucker for almost anything spicy hehe

  4. naww i love singapore! looks like you had a great time ^^

  5. your pictures looks like you had lots of fun!! and ooh that shrimp laksa looks delish!! :)

    oh btw, your hair color looks nice too :) can't wait to see more pics from singapore!

  6. Welcome back. So far, so good--it looks like you had a great time. All of your followers are hooked too. =)

  7. Georgina, ni hao! :) yayy the first of your vaca pics are here, and I already see goodies-- Miu Miu, food, and Universal! Actually I'm really shocked to see Universal studios haha, I only know the one here in Los Angeles :P You look pretty in your dress and I think your hair color looks good! Yup it'll only be "too light" if it's caramel or honey colored.

  8. Ah! I missed you! :D Hope u had fun in SG :D

  9. Welcome back! All your pictures are so cute, especially the hook one.

  10. Welcome back, sweetie!! Oh, you are definitely making us all envious with your fab trips abroad. XD There's a Universal Studios in S'pore? I had no clue! Love the pics! I agree that family time is the greatest gift =D Despite what your BIL said, I like your hair!

  11. Aw glad you're back Georgina!
    I wish my family can go on trips like yours does =). It definitely is a great time to bond.


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