Monday, January 25, 2010

BB craze: L'egere White Multi BB Cream

L'egere WHITE Multi Blemish Balm Cream
Sun protection, makeup base, skin cover, foundation up to 24 hours with multi herbal extracts. 

A lot of beauty bloggers raved about this BB cream and gave it 2 thumbs up so I decided to order my very own tube to try. I wasn't really expecting to be blown away, but I was. It glided on very smoothly even if i only used my fingers to blend, its not too 'white' , it stays on the whole day and most importantly, it does not make my skin break out into bumps. Yay!

BB cream straight from the tube:
it looks a bit dark when squirted out of the tube, but once it has been properly blended, it gives off a true to color match which I love. I think its great, kind of magical actually because it really does suit different types of skin tones (and skin types) from fair to medium ( i don't know about dark complexions). ^_^

BB cream when blended:
I'm so happy I've found my HG BB cream! :)
ps. I ordered my L'egere BB cream 50g. from ebay seller, beautylady99 (from Taiwan) for $29.76, it came bundled with a L'egere Whitening Face Mask (which i haven't tried yet) She shipped it real fast and I received it within a week! :)


  1. This looks really nice. You make me want to try it haha.

  2. i havent found my hg bb cream yet. i bought one so far and it's okay. i wish i can explore more but they are pricey!

  3. wow congrats! you already found your hg bb cream. :) Im using missha vita bb cream, so far so good. :)

  4. its great that this worked for you!

    Much as i want to try other BB Creams as well, but im scared because im 1 of those girls who experienced negative things about BB CReams

  5. LS, it is, do try! hehehe ^_~

    hi chommie! (i love saying your name its so cute!) what bb cream did you get? the first one i bought was the face shop's hydro splash bb cream but L'egere is definitely better. :)

    Bea, hello! thank you, i still get tempted to buy other brands sometimes but i remind myself to stick to the one which works for me best :)

    hi thiamere! thanks thanks! what happened? im curious now. @.@-

  6. hey girl! this legere bb cream and the skin79 are the best choice ive ever made.. i tried the skinfood one but it was so thick.. my skin cleared too coz of usin these in my routine.. :] glad it worked for you too!

  7. I have that also! You should try it. It's amazing. It's my favourite BB cream up to now!

  8. Hi honey! Love your new profile are so purty! :D I have been meaning to try this BB cream. What is the SPF in this?

  9. the bb cream sounds great, glad you found your HG!

  10. LJ, i agree on the skinfood bb cream being thick, plus i can't take the shimmers! lol. I'm definitely sticking with l'egere. :D

    hi crystal! yes, its my HG bb cream now :)

    lisa: hi hun! thank you, you're too sweet! The box doesn't say how much spf is in l'egere bb cream, i just use sunscreen underneath to be sure :D

  11. awesome!! i really cant wait to try this bb cream!!!

    I on my wish list lol...

    especially after reading this great review of yours im convinced!!

    :) lol...funny how i was blogging about this a few days ago

    BTW the etude house bb cream seems pretty nice , but IDK not sure yet, im getting a sample probably this week so I'll tell u about it since you seem interested ! (

    talk to you soon~
    love your blog !

  12. Hi hi I'm a new follower~
    Great review, I've heard so many good things about this too, I need to try it!! I've only tried Missha's BB cream but it's TOO light for me. :( You said this one is good for medium so I hope it works out for me as well.

  13. Great review!! I keep hearing how good this BB cream is, but I haven't tried it yet. I've only tried Missha BB cream but it was TOO light for my skin. =( You said this one is good for fair to medium so hopefully it'll work for me too.
    Check out my blog too when you have the chance. :)
    p.s. I like your layout!!

  14. thank you pixyela! yeah, i'm not really sure how it does but it really blends in with a variety of skin tones! L'egere is definitely worth a try :)

  15. Thanks for the BB cream review. I really love the quality and clarity of your pictures. :)

  16. Hi Kalmo! My pleasure! :) Thanks for the comment on the photos, my Lurvey (bf) took the pictures (using Nikon D90) in this post thats why its so clear. heehee ;)


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