Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Puny Loot: Estēe Lauder + YSL

I'm being really good right now downsizing hauls and controlling myself that I cannot want another blush or eyeshadow palette. What I really needed was a new brightening moisturizer to replace my now empty Kanebo Blanchir Milky Conditioner - which i loved 'til the last drop.

My puny loot

Estēe Lauder Cyber White EX 
Extra Brightening Milky Lotion
got this at Marrionaud, Mall of Asia; tagged price is Php3,300 but I got it for Php3,000 (approx. $63) after discount.
The product is made in UK.

"not all spots are created equal" - 
will this milky lotion live up to its promise of brightening and preventing sun spots? I sure hope so!
I must say, this milky lotion is heavily scented compared to the Kanebo Blanchir which smelled like milk and was more pleasant to my olfactory sense.  I was afraid my skin would break out with this, but after a few days of using it (day and night), my skin is still clear, just brighter. Hmm, I guess its effectively doing its job so far! :)
But I'm not repurchasing as I find the scent too heavy for a facial moisturizer, I might go back to Blanchir after finishing this.

YSL Rouge Volupte #4 Sweet Honey
Php1,550 at Rustan's Shangri la

One of my favorite lipsticks, YSL Rouge Volupte is very pigmented, plus it has SPF 15 and can I just say it glides on like butter? It does. So smooth and creamy! Sweet Honey is a warm beige shade, really nice color to pair with peach and coral blushers and warm eyeshadows.

Oh and just in case some Manila beautyholics are wondering, yes YSL got extended until further notice, but there are no more stocks arriving (sad!) So if you want to stock up on YSL cosmetics, you still have time. :)


  1. Hi hun, sorry to hear about the heavy scent. Good thing you did not break out like I did! The YSL Rouge Volupte is beyond lovely. :D

  2. in the future i hope i can actually buy that lipstick! ive been holding off b/c i believe it cost like $34 usd per ONE lipstick! the one you got is a nice color :)

  3. Oooh, YSL is also pulling out from the Philippines? =(

  4. The color of the lipstick is lovely!

  5. lisa: yes, im hoping it really won't :) thanks babe!

    chommie, thank you :) i hope you get to try it one day! calling on the beauty fairy! ^_~

    blair: yes dear, they are pulling out YSL for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. bittersweet eh? :)

    LS: hi hun! thanks for dropping by my blog. xoxo :)

  6. i find estee lauder products very heavily scented too. YSL makeup is way better than their skincare products :) i'm a big fan of their mascara! in fact that's the only mascara brand i use recently :p

  7. Nice haulie! Oh, who doesn't love YSL Rouge Volupté!? <3

  8. omg LOVE the YSL lipstick! :) such a pretty colour and their lippies are so smooth!

  9. nice little mini haul! i love ysl lippies too!

  10. NottyEvil, hello! i've yet to try YSL mascaras, I'm currently into Lancome's Oscillation and Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus :)

    hi Jess! thanks! oh yeah, i know you LOVE Rouge Volupte too! :) So sad they don't have tender peach available here. I've been wanting to try it out ever since i saw it on oh pretty. Oh well, i guess I'd have to wait 'til I travel so i can get it :)

    Evee, hi babe! I agree! So smooth like butter on warm pancakes! hahaha ;)

    amynaree: thank you sweetie! :)

  11. wow, more and more people getting YSL?
    oh, YSL pulling off? perhaps u will have a great YSL soon...

  12. Hi!

    Nice to meet up Georgina, thank you so much for following and commenting on my blog. I hope we can become better blogger buddies. :) Great haul! Let use know how the brightening serum works out, I have so many acne scars I want to fade. The YSL lippie is gooooorgeous, thanks for the swatch.

  13. heavy scent is a no go for me
    so thank u so much for letting us know!!! <3

  14. the color looks good, you make me wanna buy some :)

  15. Oh I just love ysl rouge volupte in #4 sweet honey, but when I was going to get mine, they didn't have that, so I ended up buying #5 divine mahogany which is also a truly beautiful color, just loved !!! But I still want to get the shade #4. XOXO from Brazil :)

  16. Ooh, thanks for the mini review on the Estēe Lauder Cyber White EX Extra Brightening Milky Lotion.. (phew! what a mouthful!) I've been wondering about it and how effective it might be. Strong scent, no thanks!

    Oh and I hope to be as good as you at holding back on my wants ><

  17. I love the YSL lipstick shade! It's soo tempting to buy =s


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