Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello Kitty in your face!

At last! My first online haul of the year from Ichibankao arrived yesterday. Its not much, but its adorable!

Rosette x Hello Kitty Collagen Wash 120g. ¥1250
moisturizing face wash made with marine collagen, with mild green apple scent. The collagen helps maintain skin's softness and elasticity. How cute is that pink HK tube huh? :) I tried this already and it gave my skin a lightly tight feeling but not drying at all. My skin was soft and it felt really clean (I have normal skin). The tube is big and contains a LOT of product so i do feel I got a good value for its price. :)

Hello Kitty is so cute giving step by step directions on how to wash your face. hahaha

Rosette x Hello Kitty Hyaluronic Acid Gel 80g. ¥2350
An all in one product for lazy ladies like my Ate (elder sister): Lotion, Essence, Emulsion & Cream. This gel promises to moisturize the skin. and it delivers, quite well. ^_^

cute jar!

it comes with a small spatula to prevent contamination.

the gel is fragrance free but it smells like my favorite, Blanchir Milky Conditioner minus the creamy smell. Maybe its the hyaluronic acid. I tested it on the back of my hands, left it overnight for allergy test and it was so soft and supple when I woke up this morning! I'm definitely using it on my face later :)

I also got a box of Kao Prettia Bubble Hair Dye in Royal Brown ¥1650
I've never tried dyeing my hair before, but I'm dead curious about this bubble hair dye, it looks so easy and fun! I wish I got a lighter shade though, since my hair is so dark, I'm not sure if Royal Brown will show up. I'll let you know :)

and a free La Sana Hair Essence sample, thanks Kelly! :)
I'm not sure how to use this, do I put it on damp hair or dry hair? Do i leave it on? It sure sucks not being able to understand nihonggo! (>.<)

♡  coffretgorge


  1. adorable haulage!!! do let us know the hyaluronic acid gel goes, lazy people like me adore those all in one products haha XD

  2. awww so cute!!! what a nice haul. let us know how the hair dye works. i've never used it before. i'm afraid it'll burn my scalp haha

  3. thanks B! i will i will :)

    LS: hahaha im afraid it will burn my hair! but lisa had a good review about this so i just might try it! I'll keep you posted! :)

  4. omg so cute! i love hello kitty stuff <33 do a review on those things when you get the chance to use them. i'm looking forward it it <3

  5. That HK Hyaluronic Acid Gel is so cute...I must have it...hehe....Nice haul by the way...

  6. all the hello kitty stuff is adorable!

  7. Great haul! The packaging for the cleanser and face cream are so cute. I heard h. acid is great for retaining moisture and suppleness in the skin. ^^ I hope your first hair dye goes as your wish, it's a very nice color.

  8. Those hello kitty things are just too darn cute! I definitely wants...
    That hair dye is on my to try list! I wanna know if the color will come out as vibrant as on the box, without bleaching first...

  9. this is def a cute haul.. if the product is good and the packaging is cute why not. i would consider of getting some Hk skincare soon..

  10. hi! i didn't know hello kitty has its own skincare line now. They look so kawaii and adorable. let us know if they're good yeah. Great haul ! :D

  11. cute haul! i really love the hello kitty packaging, it's adorable. and good luck with the hair die!

  12. thank you ladies! i'll keep you updated on the product reviews ^_~

  13. Ooh, you got the Rosette x Hello Kitty stuff! The packaging is sooo adorable. XD The Prettia Royal Brown color looks very nice! I'm sure the color will show up beautifully on you. Hmm...not sure how to use that sample. Maybe you can email Kelly?

  14. Oh great little haul! The hello kitty showing how to wash the face is UBER cute!! XD


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