Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beauty Books

I've always wanted to learn how to apply makeup properly, unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of time to enroll myself into a formal makeup course, so instead I collect beauty books and makeup manuals that I can read whenever i need inspiration or reminding on what or how makeup should be done. I am no professional, I just really enjoy it that's all. Plus they make really nice coffee table books too! A little personal touch is always nice. :)

My beauty books @_@-

The 5 Minute Face by Carmindy
This is the first beauty book I ever bought, I didn't know who Carmindy was at the time (2006), but the title caught my attention, makeup in 5 minutes? Im sold. haha! Seriously, if you need guidance on proper skin care and makeup essentials, tools, etc. this book will help you a lot like it helped me. It has tutorials on different looks for a variety of skin tones and different looks for occasions you might be attending (i.e. black tie, weddings) but my favorite part is the 5 minute makeup tutorial, from base makeup to point. no eyeshadows in the 5 minute face sorry to say, just simple, pretty plain jane makeup. 

pages from The 5 Minute Face makeup tutorial

Sephora: The Ultimate Guide to Makeup, Skin and Hair by Melissa Schweiger
After months of reading and re-reading the my first beauty book, I decided to get another one. What better book to have than that of the cosmetic giant, Sephora. This book has a lot of pages dedicated to products, the best mascaras, blush, powder, even perfume! 

product pages from Sephora

Bobbi Brown: Beauty Evolution by Bobbi Brown with Sally Wadyka
This is my sister's book which she let me borrow, I almost always get sleepy when i read this (hahaha!) This one encourages all women, that no matter what age group you belong to, you are always beautiful and you need to take care of yourself. What I loved in this book is the hair color guide. :)

Beauty by hair color, Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual
The newest beauty book of the bunch, I got curious about this when I saw it at the Bobbi Brown counter, this book covers skin care, base makeup, point makeup, making a portfolio, making it as an artist and beauty tools too! *whew* that was quite a list! If you are a budding makeup artist who wants insider info about the makeup industry, this will help you a lot. The only downside is that it is quite redundant if you have the Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution books since there are a few tricks and topics you can find in both books.

Eyeshadow tutorials from Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual

Do you have a favorite beauty book you would like to share? I'd love to hear it to add more titles to my puny collection. ^_~

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  1. I've never read a beauty book in my life but I'm pretty curious now with your review. I wonder if my local Sephora even carries beauty books. I've never seen them but then again, I just might not be looking hard enough :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've actually read a couple beauty books in the past, but I'm thinking about buying a couple of them soon, to get more ideas! :)

  3. H sis! im planning to buy bobbi brown makeup manual, unfortunately, it's already sold out sa lahat ng bookstore ive been to. :[

  4. Nice collection...I'm always tempted to get those beauty books whenever I'm in bookstores but I never get the chance to buy any....hehe...I think I'd rather watch youtube...though I agree with u...It's would be a nice coffee table books...and I love watching carmindy's makeovers...like I watch what not to wear almost everyday...

  5. I actually have never read an actual beauty book before, just seen them online! They all look very helpful and I definitely want to get some now!

  6. What a lovely beauty book collection you have! You're right. They make nice coffee table books. :D The last beauty book that I enjoyed was "The Japanese Skincare Revolution" by Chizu Saeki. It focuses on skincare.

  7. i would love to own the bobbi brown ones and the sephora! i already have the carmindy one... where did you purchase the sephora one?

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  10. tammy: my pleasure hun! :)

    Denysia, yes they are helpful :)

    hi Bea! try looking @ Powerbooks, Fully booked or bigger National bookstores. Im sure there are copies available somewhere :)

    Adin_22: I've never watched Carmindy's show hahaha! but i'd love to if i had the chance. I don't watch TV much thats why i don't even know if its being shown locally. :P

    amy, try browsing one if you get the chance! the pretty pictures of makeup will lure you in! hahaha ;)

    lisa, hi babe! thank you for the suggestion! i'll check it out. ;)

    dustbunny: hello! i got the Sephora book at National Bookstore, Rockwell :)

  11. lol i'll definitely hide my thriller books for these! hahaha

  12. thanks for following my blog!
    don't have a particular fave makeup book but that bobbi brown one looks nice :)

  13. there used to be an infamous book that goes something like this:
    'dont go to the cosmetic counter without me' n probly now in its 7th ed
    i was scarred last time, to stay far far away from skincare n makeups..phew not all books are like that!

    xoxo elle

  14. Oh lovin' the books you got there! I only have smaller books.. that I haven't even read yet ><


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