Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Coffretgorge likes: California Kissin'

Christmas may be technically over but my bestie Laru* is oh so sweet she gave me a little present to add to my cosmetic collection!

california kissin' by beneFit

the intriguing blue gel which supposedly works to brighten teeth(?)
according to the description from Sephora, the blue tinge helps make the teeth appear whiter thus making the smile brighter. I don't know about the teeth brightening part (i think thats more of a psychological effect and marketing strategy) but this lip gloss will definitely make your smile shinier, brighter. The only con i see is that it enhances lip lines if your lips are prone to dryness and chapping, i wouldn't recommend this. It also has minty fresh flavor. (a no go for you Lisa! ^_~ )

California kissin' can be used alone, as a lip base or on top of your favorite lip stick to add bling bling shine to your smile!

Coffretgorge rates it:
Texture: 4/5 light, not sticky at all
Shine: 4/5 just a pretty shine, not over the top
Pigmentation: 1/5 very sheer (undetectable blue tinge)
Applicator: 4/5 easy nozzle tip (no need for a mirror!)
Packaging: 2/5 standard lip gloss/balm packaging

*Laru is my term of endearment to my best friend Lara. I'll let you meet her one day ^_^


  1. Call me crazy, but I love everything from Benefit. They always have the most fun stuff be it lipgloss or mascara or make-up remover.
    Can't wait to get this for myself! :)

  2. i wanna try this for hella long now!! nice of your bestie to give u this!

  3. No go is right. :( Thanks for the info, babe! How sweet of your friend to give you that. :)

    I must be living under a rock b/c this is the first I've heard of this product. The packaging and blue color gloss is so pretty! Rock it, baby! *^_^*

  4. dear CC, i promise i won't call you crazy. ;) i agree, beneFit products are always fun and interesting plus the names are clever! :)

    LJ, really? this is the first time i've seen the product, i guess im not in the beneFit loop! hehe are beneFit products available locally? :)

    lisa, hi babe!! yes she's the coolest! you're not alone on living under a rock because this is my first encounter with california kissin' too! i'm happy with it, i've been using it everyday this week. the blue gel is intriguing no? ^_~

  5. love, how i wish they were..but along time ago (when i was super addicted with online shoppin' lol) I've seen their site and it says they do international shipping.. but ive seen some bloggers that sells benefit cosmetics..more on their blushers and tints.. ;)

  6. I love benefit's packaging. I wish I could get everything that they sell!!

  7. hi nat! i wish i could too! sadly, beneFit isnt available locally :(


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