Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring 2011: Shu Uemura Morphorium Blue Palette

For their spring collection, Shu Uemura turned to the rain forests for inspiration. Aptly named Morphorium, they took the bright colors of the tropical butterfly and successfully made a bold looking palette which will make any beauty junkie weak in the knees.

morpho |ˈmôrfō| noun ( pl. -phos)
a large tropical butterfly, the male of which has bright blue iridescent wings. Native to the Central and South American rain forests.

here's what I got from the workshop last weekend. I took advantage of the exclusive discount as I've been wanting this palette since I saw the ads online! :D
A standard in their palettes, the Morphorium Blue pans are housed in a sturdy plastic case. It's a bit heavy, but I like it better that way. It makes it feel luxurious to touch and carry. The big mirror makes it more travel-friendly.

palette includes 2 dual ended applicators. I like the long and slim sponge applicators, it makes the powder shadows glide on smoothly to my skin. The brush ended one is useless for me. Sorry to say.

the shimmery butterfly overspray will be washed out with wear.

swatches on bare skin:
L-R: (powder eyeshadows) Matte deep purple, pearlescent bright blue, shimmery green which turns golden on the skin and shimmery bronze (cream shadow/liner).

with primer:

a cool toned pale pink 

its a great idea to put a faint colored blush in this palette because the eye shadows are already bright and vibrant. The cheeks and lips should be toned down a bit. Its all about the EYES. ^_^

random box photo lol!
As for quality, its standard Shu Uemura, which only means greatness. The shadows are smooth and silky especially the bright blue and the bronze cream shadow/liner. They last the whole day, no fallout even without primer. The blush is also really nice minus the silver shimmer overspray. I just want to brush it off to get to the pale pink blush! xD

If you're a Shu Uemura fan, you like palettes and you're in the mood to sport bright colored eyes this season (which I think is the perfect time to try wearing colorful makeup), this palette is worth checking out in my opinion. I'll do my best to post an EOTD or a FOTD soon. Must look for more ideas on how to wear it! Suggestions are very much welcome. ;)

Thank you for reading!


  1. I'm nvr brave to put on such bright shades on myself! but i love to see it on you!

  2. Wow, that is a gorgeous palette! I can't wait to see a FOTD. As for suggestions, hmmm difficult unless I could try it myself but perhaps the blue on inner half of eyelid, deep purple on outer half of eyelid, with emphasis on outer "V" (my standard)and dot the green, which turns gold in the middle of eye.


  3. G!!! how much is this? it's such a gorgeous palette! kind of reminds me of lunasol's new quads. :D

  4. That is such a pretty palette and I love the colors. The blush looks lovely too. :P

  5. what a pretty palette!! I really want something from the new collections i love the prints!

  6. the blue and the gold look lovely! I bet this palette is sold rather $$$ eh? I swapped for one from Stellar :D not sure which season it came in, probably last winter/fall LOL

    p.s. you do pretty good research to the product names!

  7. omg! so pretty!! must get haha.. aw i told myself, no more hauls.. only buy what you need... CRIES..

    btw to answer ur Q from a long long long time ago - sorry - i dont cut the dolly wink lashes, i stick them as is hehe i also dont like to cut them!

    im just catching up on cm and blogs so pls dn mind me and my delay.. haha xx

  8. nice palette, i love the blue in that - it's so vibrant! can't wait to see your FOTD w/ it!

  9. LOVE the palette, especially the blue color, such a great pop^0^~

  10. Greatness indeed. Good gawd, that's pretty! *^_^*

  11. it! You put me to shame with all those products. Hmm...maybe I need to add to my arsenal then? ;)

  12. i'm a shu fan! occasionally nowadays :P
    this is a NICE theme! Morphorium!
    both purple & blue reminds me of NARS spring duo e/s bateau ivre~eek my tongue just twisted >.<

    all the colors from shu palette is so wearable~ plus a faint cool pale pink blusher naissss

    the swatch photos are really great and obvious!

    back to your curiosity about my height..not that tall..standing at 1.64m with killer heels i'll be 1.66m haha those blogger gals at maxFactor wasnt wearing much heels hence i stood out :P

    oh july you are heading to HK?!!
    am going to bali this time round...
    you willl hav a blast time meeting with jennifer gal~!

  13. Gorgeous palette! :D Love the colors,I would wear colorful eyeliners but not so much on eyeshadows,i should bave up and try one day lol

  14. glad you got a discount! otherwise this palette's gonna burn a hole in the pocket haha! i tried a few stuff from shu but aren't very impressed by them, the only thing i liked is their brushes, haha

  15. Peach Nuance chanting: "get me get me you know you wanted me" hahahahaha

    I was stalking on this blush for a while but i saw it on StrawberryNet so I went ahead and got it with discount :D it's still in stock there, if you want (and to avoid taxes), let me know, HK residents also has extra 10% off i think, and I'm already having 5% off from their site.

    did you get your rouge cocos?

  16. Nice shades, love Shu Uemura.

  17. This palette really does remind me of a butterfly! I can't buy Shu Uemura but the palette is seriously pretty and the swatches are even prettier *sigh :P

  18. super gorgeous palette! i would have no idea how to work those colors together but REAL beauty queens like you would know! :D please make a FOTD post with this palette if you get a chance!!

  19. I heard that Nick was really good to his mother. Such a nice boy!

    I was hoping the title of that post would get your attention. It's not my imagination that L is such a lucky guy. To have a girl like you... =)


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