Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guerlain Rouge G Serie Noir in 71 Rose Desir

There's just something about Guerlain's limited editions that sets my heart aflutter, as almost all the Guerlains I own are from LE collections. Today I'm going to share my thoughts on Guerlain's Rouge G Serie Noir in 71 Rose Desir from the Spring 2011 collection. This is my first Guerlain lipstick (I just paid with eyes closed) and I must say, it was love at first swipe! 

Packaging is a very luxe and elegant looking black lacquered case with mirrors on two sides, it has a magnetic enclosure which is rather weak and can loosen up easily when tossed inside a roomy purse. It also weighty, heavier than YSL Rouge Voluptes which are the heaviest lipsticks I owned before getting the Rouge G.

The lipstick formula is amazing, its very hydrating and kind to my lips. I usually need to apply lip balm or essence prior to lip color but this one doesn't need prepping at all! Rouge G is the BEST lipstick I have tried so far when it comes to moisturizing abilities. Plus it doesn't leave me with that gross, ugly white film which forms on the edge of my lips some lipsticks tend to do (yuck). The quality justifies the price tag for me. I just wish they make refills for Rouge G's. I've been using mine a lot and it seems I'm halfway through my tube! 

Its a semi-sheer, semi-opaque rosey-pink lipstick with pink and silver shimmer. It makes my lips look naturally milky and glossy and lasts 4-5 hours. The shimmer is not that gritty since its very fine but you will still feel it. Rouge G's have a faint rose scent which doesn't linger for long after application.

My verdict? Rouge G is a must-try lovelies! The shade I picked may not be unique but the formula is DIVINE which makes it very comfortable to wear. I highly recommend it! This is LE, so get it while you still can; or you can try other shades and let me know what I'm missing out! ;)



  1. That is so pretty! i want to get me a Rouge G soon!

  2. Omg G! This lipstick looks soooo purrrdyyy! I love the case it's in and it looks so elegant and divine!! How can you bear to use it at all??!??!

  3. This looks gorgeous. The beautiful colour, texture and packaging just screams 'luxe'.

    The $$ ouch factor is the only thing holding me back.

  4. So gorgeous. This one goes on my must-have list!

  5. Oh G, it's so pretty! And the packaging is really nice. How's the scent, by the way? :P

  6. wow, i love the lipstick, the color look so nice,,

  7. Such a pretty shade!! Oh no... now i'm tempted to go to the Guerlain counter next time i go shopping. Too tempting! Great choie of lipstick, i bet it look amazing on you.

  8. LOL at "paid with eyes closed"! it was like that with the blush G too!

  9. You are really great enabler!! This lipstick sounds superb :D

    ryc: Yes, the ride is working now! And it looks super scary haha.
    I do and your pic looks really cute, I wanted to get our pic too but it was really weird since all of our eyes were close and our mouth were wide open from screaming LOL.

  10. G! i believe it's worth it - the shade is soooo pruuuutttyyyy! super love it doll. must stay away from guerlain counters. x) LOL!

  11. Nyooo, you must stop enabling me now! I can't take this :( I've always wanted to buy a Guerlain lippie b/c of the gorgeous packaging, but heard that the original formula was a little bit drying. I'm dying to try this one out though!

  12. This is a really gorgeous color! It sounds like my kind of lippie. I'm not willing to pay that price though. Thanks for sharing!


  13. Oh how you tempt us! XD Love the color and the fact that you don't need to prep!

  14. i was sharing with Jennifer about my laziness & wrongness of getting lipstick while i was in HK :P

    i tend to pick the wrong color~ after spending a fortune on a lux lippie..or bored with the color after 3 times..

    OMG i totally understand the UGLEE WHITE FILM ~edge of lips ! YUCKS in..deed..
    hence i stayed away from lipstick many years!
    but its my resolution to apply more lippie for photos moving forward cuz we LOOKED BETTER WITH IT then wifout hahaha

    NOWWWW you are an enabler!
    am contemplating which 1st
    guerlain or burberry (delicate rose) lipstick :D

  15. looks so lux! look at the cap! i've never tried guerlain lippies before. i recently tried their eyeshadow and blush, and i'm slowly in love w/ the brand!

  16. The packaging is sooo cute! :D
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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