Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunshine after the rain... OPI Need Sunglasses? NOTD

Hello dear lovelies! Remember me? :D Sorry for that long and unannounced hiatus, as I've said before, March is a busy month for me. But now I'm back and I have another nail post for you in a fun and vibrant color... with all the things that are happening around the world right now, I think it would be nice to spread joy to everyone we can connect with. *Can I get an amen?*

OPI Need Sunglasses? from the OPI Brights collection.
Its a sunshine-y, mustard-y yellow that flatters my warm skin tone. woot! It has tiny specks of shimmer to add a bit of dimension to the nails. Application is very streaky, it took me 4 thin coats to get the opacity shown in the photos.

tip: it will look fabulous worn with neutrals, khaki, army-chic and safari-themed/colored clothes. Try it! :)

I believe its already sold out, but just in case anyone is wondering, I bought mine at Rustan's Shangri-la for Php395.

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  1. thats so cute! draw a duck face on it please!

    xoxo elle

  2. vibrant poppy sunshine shade indeed~
    mustard hmm interesting color..
    i have yet to get anything

    moi is bek from HK short trip~
    ahha liz lisa did get your lust growing eh..

    speaking of to share us your collection? i hav no wedge right now hmm and they would go well with my liz lisa

  3. Wow G! This is definitely a loud and bold nail color! =) I don't think your followers will ever forget you. :p We've all been busy this March anyway LOL! Hope to see more posts from you dear!

  4. such a bright fabulous yellow!
    but it instantly reminds me... Big Bird =D!!

  5. Yellow! I love yellow. Never thought of it for nails, but how fun! I'm trying a metallic beige soon when it arrives in the mail. I'll have to share some photos too! :)

    My giveaway is tomorrow. Check it out!

  6. oh nice polish!! Yellow polish is very in this season I wants! hehe

  7. Nice to see you on-line G! Hope you've been having fun. =)

  8. hehe I love the name! It's perfect, and the color is so bright and cheery. I want this on my nails now, so I can wear it out into the wind and rain :)

  9. yay welcome back :) such a pretty bright color, a perfect pick me up on a gloomy day! (been raining cats and dogs in California lately :T)

  10. You sure got my brain going. I had no idea what OOTD was. I had to look it up. But now I know!! :) Anyway, I just posted my rope bracelet GIVEAWAY!!

  11. What a beautiful true yellow!!! :) I really love the bright color!! You are so pro w/your nail application!

  12. so freakin pretty! this is going to be a hot shade in summer.


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