Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clé De Peau BEAUTÉ Correcteur Visage Concealer in Ochre

After hitting pan (and almost finishing) my then HG Shu Uemura pro concealer (in 7YR), I decided to try the highly raved about concealer from Shiseido conglomerate Clé De Peau BEAUTÉ.
I bought mine at Lane Crawford, Harbour City for HKD480 which makes it the priciest concealer I've ever purchased. You can also get it online on adambeauty or Strawberrynet. BUT I suggest you try it first if you can. Better to be safe, as its pretty expensive.

product is made in Japan

It comes in a simple, sleek and smooth dark blue packaging which measures 8.5 cm.

lots of info on the tube, as you can see it must be used within 24 months but I doubt i will be able to finish it in 2 years. I've been using it for 3 months now but it doesn't seem to shorten a bit. Less is more. ;)

The tube works just like a lipstick, you can extend and retract it as you like. Here is the concealer extended to its maximum, SA recommended Ochre/Ocher (my MAC shade is NC30). There are 4 shades currently available: ivory, beige, ochre and honey. Karlasugar has the best swatches of them (click here).

What I like about this is concealer is its pigmentation and creaminess, its very easy to blend around the under-eye area and it lasts the whole day when set with powder. I prefer applying it with my ring finger as the warmth from my finger helps it spread evenly.

I forgot to take a "before" photo prior to applying the concealer so here is an old photo of my eye area (bare skin) just to let you see my concerns:
As you can see, my dark circles are not that bad (I sleep a lot! haha), but I have dark pigmentation (a spot) under my iris, deep lines, and redness on the outer corner of my eye.

with Skin79 hot pink BB cream:

with Clé De Peau concealer in Ochre:
it blends perfectly into my skin! pretty amazing huh?

I can only find two drawbacks to this product, one is that it can settle into fine lines if not set properly which is ironic because with the price point given, I'd say their target market would be those mature ladies with lines around their eyes! But don't fret as a light patting motion on the area will make it appear smooth again.

second, the price... It is a high-end/department store label, HKD480 for 5 grams of concealer maybe too much for some. 

Overall, if you can afford it, find a perfect shade to match your skin tone and you have a smoother under-eye area than me. I'd say go get it to experience its awesomeness.

Repurchase? Very likely. :)

I hope you found this review helpful!


  1. glad to hear you liked it :D!!! i want to try this too =X

  2. I've heard such amazing things about this from everyone, but I'm still too scared to spend that much on one concealer! Plus, I think I'm set w/ my Skin Food Salmon Concealer for my dark circles.

  3. g isn't cle de peau locally available yet? it's such a pain to claim packages at the P.O. nowadays so i prolly won't be ordering anything OL.

    btw, i don't see any under eye circles and discoloration but i'm guessing this is a great concealer hahaha! ^___^

  4. i miss reading reviews!!
    gosh so outta blogging beautyworld recently...

    i need to find time and plot down my beauty journey ahhaha

    whoaa very pricey concealer indeed
    then again its Clé De Peau teehee
    its gonna last you many coming months

    i'm currently using MUFE full coverage (almost 2 years) and also guerlain 4concealers from the meteorites couture from newyear2011 haul!

  5. Looks flawless! I love it :) It looks really gorgeous!

  6. It looks great on you. I'm glad that this very pricey concealer is working for you. I tried it and it didn't work well for me. I was very fortunate in that a SA gave me a very generous sample of it.


  7. I saw the Cle de Peau counter at SOGO when I visited Hong Kong last year and I didn't have the courage to even go near the counter (scary SA's)!

    ♥ Milk

  8. I've got this concealer too!!!! but I use it to cover blemishes :) you're right it is so beautiful!! I love it :)

    Also about the Chanel Palette, I have been dwelling and dwelling at the Chanel counter, they're all very wearable colours, it is very pretty :) get it get it :)

  9. This concealer looks amazing! btw I tagged you hehe

  10. Do you think it will work for extremely dark circles

  11. Oolala, elegant design and gives your undereye a radiant glow. But when I first saw the pic, I thought it was a tube of very nude-colored lipstick :P


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