Friday, March 25, 2011

Etude House Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint #2 + FOTD

Two posts in a day... Someone's on a roll! xD I had the opportunity to shop for a bit at Etude House the other day so I checked out their new collection, Miss Tangerine. The collection features the bright and zesty color orange which was very refreshing to look at. But honestly, none of the items from the collection caught my fancy since I find Etude House lipsticks drying, and the blushers and shadows from the collection seemed to be very sheer, powdery and loaded with glitters. 

I only purchased the new Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint which seems to be the safest choice if you really want to get something from this collection.

 Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint #2 Tangerine Follower SPF 13
cute packaging, the polka-dots reminds me of DollyWink.

it looks really bright ad orangey in the tube...

but this is how it looks like when swatched, sheer orange

which turns into a milky pinky-peach, depending on the "mood" or temperature of your lips.

here's my basic FOTD wearing the Follow Me Tint:
It looks more orange on my lips than in the swatch (it can also turn into a bright pink), which is why I cant really say the exact shade because it will depend on your natural lip color and temperature. The texture of the balm is smooth, it gives my lips a nice tinted sheen and its really comfortable to wear. The SPF is also a big plus for this product. However, I don't find it moisturizing, its actually drying after an hour or two.

Overall, this product is only nice to have, NOT a MUST-HAVE. Price is Php298 (approx. USD7)  at local Etude House stores.

side note -> The cute bow necklace I'm wearing is a gift from lovely Lulu! :)

TGIF! Have a fun weekend!


  1. nice FOTD G! :) actually its the tint of the miss tangerine line that is moisturizing LOL! this did seem drying that's why i didn't pick it up. but it looks great on you. ^_^ some of the colors in the miss tangerine line was a bit too much for me. >o<" e.g. the neon orange chou blusher LOL~

  2. I like it, but the name sounds like an invitation to stalk. =)

  3. Looks really moisturizing :) It is a nice color too!

  4. Uwah, so envious!!! Miss T isn't out here yet for some reason =.=

    Etude House's lippies are wayyy too pigmented and neon for my liking, but I'm happy with the texture etc.. shall give this one a try!!!

    And G, you are sooo cute!!!

  5. Ooohh..sounds like a fun item to play with..XD! The polka-dot is super cute too! I agree with you with Etude House other products though. I stopped buying their lipsticks and eyeshadows long ago...

  6. the shade looks good on you. i am looking at your photo and your lip color pops out so nice. it also goes well with the color of your blush :)

  7. Wow, what a great product! I like how it changes colour. Looks so lovely on you. Great FOTD! you look gorgeous, fresh, and happy!

  8. OMG! Look at how cute you are! That tint looks very sweet too.

  9. I love peachy/orangy tones in lippies and love how it looks on you!

    I find that the orange counteracts the purply tones in my pigmented asian lips LOL

  10. This collection is soo cute!! I love how it looks on you so cute and fresh! the necklace is is really pretty too.

  11. Aww, the packaging is definitely super cute!!

  12. aww i love the name of this lippie. it looks so cute on you!

  13. Pretty shade. it looks good on you! ;)

  14. You look sooooooooo cuteeeeee!!! I really like the orangey shade on you, I don't think I remember seeing you wear it a lot ^^

  15. You are so pretty! You need to put up more fords pics ;) the lipstick is really cute on you!

  16. Pretty Georgina <3!!!!! love the lippie tube design and box packaging! the price is very reasonable too!

  17. oh, good to know this one is not a winner! drying? omg! but the lipsticks & blush tints got better reviews...?

  18. GEORGINA~!! are we sister or what~ i wonder some times~ i'm totally into ORANJE recently!

    blush and lippie!
    just bot melliesh oranje lipgloss!yet to pull off a LOTD

    i'm missing a lipstick actually~ irregardless of the drying effect i think i wanna lookout for miss tangerine!

    YOU LOOKED FAB! with your lose tousled hair~ sexy thang!

  19. the packaging is adorable! and i think it looks great on you!

    hey i like your necklace!!! ;)


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