Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Recently Finished Products: DiorSnow Lurve

Quick post today loves! This is the first time I'm posting products I've finished, thought of doing it 'cause it felt like an achievement for someone who has a lot of products to go through! XD
Dior Lip Glow and DiorSnow White Reveal Makeup UV Base SPF35 PA+++

I was really surprised to see the end of the tube of my Dior Lip Glow, really liked it, it moisturizes my lips and gives it a pinkish tint at the same time. I would repurchase, but the local price is insane (thanks to the tax) so I will wait until I go out of the country or go to Duty Free to purchase another tube. :)

The DiorSnow White Reveal UV Base is my HG Makeup base, it gives me a glowy complexion, my makeup stays put all day and it doesn't break me out. It has SPF 35, saving me some prep time in the morning 'cause I can skip sunscreen. Already repurchased this because I just cant live without it. Got to have my glow! :)

also wanted to share my excitement on hitting pan on my Canmake 5-effects foundation! haha
you can read my review here.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Well done on finishing the products!! It must feel nice and satisfying. I wouldn't know what it fees like as I'm really struggling to finish makeup items! I need to finish what I have before I shop for anymore products :)

    Hope you manage to get another Lip Glow soon x

  2. congrats on the achievement! I am also about to finish a bottle of makeup remover, and I'm kind of relieved cos I have lots of them. I keep purchasing makeup removers cos I want to try them all. lol.

  3. Good job on finishing them! I always feel very glad if I've finished a lipbalm cause I still have a lot to go through haha

  4. ohh i want to try the lip glow! I looove diorsnow stuff!

  5. great job on finishing those products G! i think i should check out the dior counter at rustan's. :/ seems like i'm missing out on great products haha! xD

  6. Yay~ Congratz!!
    It must be hard to finish up using products! It takes me such a long time to just use up ONE.

    And good job on the Canmake foundaton. It's super hard to hit pan on compacts and foundation

  7. woohoo! congrats & good job in finishing your stash!

    i did a post of OUT & IN over in facebook recently..mostly clearning off skincare products :D

    yeah Dior in my place is also exorbitant~ let's get them from dutyfree!

    About your july trip to HK - i dont think i can make it as i have planned escaped to Bali *hehe
    its our BIRTHDAY month


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