Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Etude House Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blush Swatches

Hello lovelies! I went to Etude House yesterday to swatch the Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blushers for my blusher fiend of a friend Jennifer. :P

Remember in my last Miss Tangerine post I said none of the other products from the line caught my fancy? Well I'm going to eat my own words today... cause I realized all they needed was a chance to be tried on. ;)

Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blushers are dry cream blushers which are smooth and long wearing.
The packaging is so cute! :)

here are the swatches:
(L-R) #1 Miss Tangerine #2 Miss Peach #3 Miss Berry #4 Miss Grape 

orange, peach, pink and lavender shades

I tried on all the shades on my cheeks, #1 made me look like an Oompa Loompa #2 gave me a natural looking peachy flush, #3 is a bright and pretty pink and #4 gave a brightening effect to my face. Oompa Loompa is not a good look for me and I already have LOTS of bright pink blushers so I only got #2 and #4.

The Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blushers retail for Php328/per tube (approx. USD7) which is not bad for the amount and quality of product (12g) you will get. They are pigmented (especially #1 and #3), very easy to blend and lasts the whole day. The shades are targeted to suit fairer asian skin with yellow undertones so I recommend it to those who belong in that category.

my mini haul :)

blended swatch of #2 Miss Peach and #4 Miss Grape

GWP! for every Php2,000 purchase - I got some stuff for friends too :P

I love shopping at Etude House for their really cute gifts with purchase. This is the most functional and practical one I've received from them so far. <3

Thanks for reading!


  1. cute mag. i also wanna try those blush

  2. I adore the cup!! :) It looks so cute. The blushes are really interesting! I dont think I've seen this type of formulation before!

  3. Such a cute cup! I think the cream blushes are so pretty.. except I would guess they are cream eyeshadow if you didn't tell me they were blush lol. #4 looks like it will give you a very luminescent glow.. *_*

  4. omg this is so adorable!!! i want to be miss peach!!! hehehe :p

  5. #2 is such a pretty peach color! Erm, for whatever reason, it's the mug that's really catching my eye here hahahha. I'm a failure at being a makeup addict I guess!

  6. That's super cute, I like the peach color blush out of all of them! And the cup is so adorable!

  7. the cup is super cute G! :) i agree about #1 choux blusher. that color definitely scared me hahahaha! x)

    i was like, pang clown??? O.o

    the cup is sooo cute! :3 the cream choux blushes are definitely worth it too! ^_^

  8. :D! I'm so glad to be seeing swatches of this line popping up! I've never seen cream blushes come in tubes like that - interesting~ The Orange blush makes me nervous but I guess orange is "in" right now xD and is MIss Grape more of a highlighter? The cup e is adorable - I'd actually use that! I like how they haven't plastered Etude House all over it ^^

  9. Thanks for the swatches! I really love the look of Miss Peach. it's such a lovely cute colour! The mug with little tangerines on them is adorable!

  10. miss tangerine collection so cute & edible~
    wow didnt know etude house has cream cheeks also

    #miss peach & berry is what i would like to go for~

    haha both your & jennifer are such blusher fiend indeed! EEK am turning one soooon..

    just did a review for nars-angelika the multiple

    oh am liking melliesh powder blush compare to canmake powder blush *lol stil not too sure about candydoll blush(way too oranje)

    aww please give us some CHEEKS posts please~!

  11. i also adore etude house. they're products are awesome, the packaging is cute and they always have GWP's :)

    thanks for the review. i think parang i got curious pa of the oompa loompa shade. pero i do bet that the other shades can brighten up one's face :)

  12. love the mug! I saw it when I made some purchase from Etude House last week. But I didn't buy enough to get it =/

    the blushes look really pigmented and fun looking but IDK if they would suit me.

  13. #2 #3 and #4 are gorgeous >_<!!!! i wanted them so badly now =_=

  14. sorry i'm using the wrong Google account to comment, but u know who i am, blush fiend ;)!


  15. I saw these blushers in Etude House last weekends..The blushers is soo cute but I just don't fancy the texture that much.

  16. you got a mug as freeby? omg that's so cool! etude house rulez! have you ever tried their mascaras? if yes, did you like them?

  17. I dropped by Etude House just the other day but I gave these blushers a pass cause they looked so pigmented and bright.. plus I don't like removing my makeup in public so I didnt test it out properly. But seeing your review here is making me regret it a little!! Would you do a post of how it looks on your face? I am curious as to how both Miss Grape and Miss Peach would look on your cheeks (:

    Am following you for more reviews! :D


  18. cannot believe how orange is the first one! You chose the nicest ones!! Cute mug GWP too!

  19. Now I am seriously lemming for those two..U__U Gonna dash to Etude House tomorrow..LOL

  20. all the blushes are so cute, i want!


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