Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aqualabel Blue aka White Up (Whitening) Line

Got an email from a lovely reader today asking about the Aqualabel Blue/White Up Line so I thought of posting my review of the products here to make the information available to everyone who needs it since I understand reviews for this particular brand are quite scarce. 

Aqualabel is a Shiseido conglomerate focusing on skin care, the brand is geared towards women who need great quality skin care which is practical and affordable at the same time. I chose the Blue/White Up line because my main concern was to lighten my acne scars and achieve an even skin tone.

L-R Aqualabel White Up Lotion S (toner), White Up Emulsion S (moisturizer), Aqua Enhancer WT (effector), Perfect Protect Milk UV SPF 50+·PA+++, Reset White Mask

Purchased everything from Adambeauty except for the Aqua Enhancer WT which was CP'd by a friend. (Thanks M!)

White Up Lotion [S] 200ml (HKD115)
The White Up Lotion is available in R (for dry skin) and S (normal-oily) varieties. Its basically a toner and the first to be applied after washing the face. I believe this contains alcohol but its very mild I honestly don't detect it. When I sniff directly from the bottle, all I smell is a very faint floral scent which disappears when the product gets to my hand. 

I apply this using a thin cotton pad and pat lightly onto my face. It absorbs almost instantly, makes my skin feel supple. This prepares the skin for better moisture absorption. Best toner I've tried so far, it totally beats Kanebo Blanchir, Ettusais and DiorSnow in all aspects! Been using this for 4 weeks now and it didn't break me out. Only drawback is its not available locally. Fortunately, its easy to purchase online.

Repurchase? Yes!
Recommended? Yes!

White Up Emulsion [S] 130ml (HKD125)
Applied after the White Up Lotion (toner), the White Up Emulsion [S] is a light, smooth and creamy lotion which is absorbed by the skin almost immediately. It blocks the production of melanin which causes dark spots while giving my skin the moisture and whitening properties it needs. Gives off a refreshing feeling and makes my face look dewy and smooth. Amazingly, it made my skin look brighter and even toned! I can also say it helps in fading away my dark spots (FYI, I use Paul & Joe's Whitening Serum at night and exfoliate at least once a week) and helped get rid of those pesky bumps on my face caused by a random allergic reaction. My skin loves this.

Repurchase? Yes!
Recommeded? Yes!

Aqua Enhancer WT 130ml (HKD119)
The last product to be applied to the face (skin care wise), the Aqua Enhancer is "a beauty essence that promotes the absorption of the prior products, the effect of lotion and emulsion and to clarify skin". Like the White Up Lotion [S], consistency is liquid and runny, the only difference is the Enhancer looks glossy when in my hand. I initially thought I wouldn't need this, but when I started using it, I got hooked! It made everything work better and get absorbed faster! I apply this using my hands, I just pat it on my forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. I also dab it onto my eye area so my eye cream/gel gets absorbed faster by my skin. It locks in everything and makes all the products work better. Awesome product. Thank you Cynthia for telling me I needed this! :D

Repurchase? Yes!
Recommended? Yes!

Perfect Protect Milk UV SPF 50+·PA+++ 45ml (HKD119)
As some of my long time readers know, I love Japanese made sunscreens because of how light they are. The Aqualabel Protect Milk is no exception. Honestly, I haven't tried this on my face yet because I'm still trying to finish my gold Kanebo Allie, but I tried it on the back of my hand just to feel the texture and wow, its so smooth it glides on easily on my skin. Don't be afraid of the white color as it sheers out as you spread it. It has this soft focus effect when blended and it is also absorbed very quickly by the skin. If you're looking for a light and breathable sunscreen with high SPF, give this a try.

Repurchase? Maybe.
Recommended? Likely, will update this post once tested on the face.

Reset White Mask 23ml/pack, 4 packs/box (HKD110)
Description from Aqualabel: Intensive whitening care mask which also replenishes the skin with sufficient amounts of moisture, and locks in moisture with Moist Aqua Keeping Base. Contains M-tranexamic acid, saxifrage extract and peony extract. This mask softens, smoothes skin complexion, and the special S cut in masks provides a lifting effect for firmer skin.
I've tried 2 sheets of this mask already, and it fits my face nicely. It also does its job of giving a bit of brightening and lifting effect. However, I find the mask a bit dry. Maybe if they put more essence in it I would like it more. But for me there are better "whitening" masks out there. (I specifically like FaceQ and Silk Whitia's whitening masks)

I don't have problems with enlarged pores, but its very likely this regimen would work for those who have trouble with minimizing pore visibility.

Repurchase? No.
Recommended? Not really, maybe to those who are not fond of dripping wet masks.

OVERALL, Im very happy with my current skin care regimen, I didn't think much of Aqualabel before trying it, but now that I've been using it for 4 weeks, my skin feels really smooth, my skin tone even and my complexion is getting better and brighter as my acne scars/dark spots slowly fade. Oil control is pretty good too.

The best thing about this line is how fast it gets absorbed by my skin, ALL the products sink into the skin almost instantly after application. I used to wait for a few minutes in between skin care products but now applying skin care is faster because the waiting time has been omitted. Im sticking to Aqualabel for a long while. Up until my heart (and skin) longs for SK-II. ;)

Thanks for reading!

ps. I hope you find this helpful S! Let me know if you have any more questions. :)


  1. Have you tried their whitening essence before ? I heard it's suitable for sensitive skin and I'm still thinking should I buy it >_<
    Thanks for the review too!

  2. G where did you buy? =D Shiseido does have a good skin care line even the more affordable ones live up to expectations yay! ^__^

  3. I'm glad you like this line too! I've been using it 9months+ and still going strong! I never thought about their UV milk - will definitely check it out :) red label is great for winter too although l guess it's not really cold in the Philipines during the winter ?

  4. thank you for the review! This is probably the next range I'm gonna invest in once I hit my 20s.As for now I'm using the Hada Labo range. I was quite interested in this and really wanted to research on it and you came up with this post XD

    have a nice day!

  5. Wow, the first 3 products sound so good! Thanks so much for the detailed review! Will need to look out for them next time i'm in Kl.

  6. Thanks for the review! I've seen these everywhere when I was in Japan. I just wish I bought them. But I was hesitant because I haven't read any review about them. I bought Shiseido's Anessa sunscreen when I was there and I think it has the same texture and consistensy as the Protect milk. I love it. So light and it doesn't smell like sunscreen :)

  7. Great post! These products have always interested me ^.^

  8. Thanks for the review! I'm very curious about the sunscreen :) I'm still looking for one that is affordable and that is super light & won't irritate my skin :)

  9. glad you found a skincare regimen you really enjoy! I LOVE products that absorbs fast, and makes layering skincares much easier!

  10. haha i know, i got really excited too about finishing, although towards the little bits toward the end, it was really hard to dump it out and i kind of just used a lot at once so i can empty it haha. I've been using it religiously i think since around the same time? when it first came out, whenever it was. for a while I used the puff to pat on but mostly I use a powder brush. I was more amazed at May cuz she finished 1 way before I did and then she told me she is almost done w/ her second haha.

    LOL you have no idea! that rosebud was like one of the first things I ever bought from Sephora I think. It's too big as a lip balm :p I was so excited to finish it :D

    hehe thanks again for sending us that cleanser. it's really gentle and i loved it. but nooooo don't send me a bigger bottle! so much hassle for you and shipping is gonna be $$! nooo nooo okay!!! <3

  11. :D thank you for dropping by! lol its my last year of teen and slowly stepping on to become an adult wtf lol im being dramatic XD

  12. Nice reviews, babe! Thank you =D I keep reading about this line but don't think I've seen it sold here. T_T

    (Girl, did you not read my post? I haven't tried them I'm terrible that way. :X How do you like Korres? )

  13. Hi Georgina - yup the website is up and running again. Making a few changes though but running as normal :) Tokyo is fine, things are going back to normal and everything seems calm although I am little paranoid about drinking the water and what to eat.. besides that, the spring weather has caught on and there are beautiful cherry blossoms everywhere :)

  14. Thank you for this review! It sounds like a wonderful line. I might have to try it one of these days.


  15. I've heard some stuff about this brand and I'm so curious about it!! Anything with the word "whitening" seems to catch my attention. lool

  16. I have seen this around but never tried it out.. it looks light enough for summer usage. Also loving the SPF it has!

  17. Thanks for the review...I seriously was suspicious of Aqua Label....(I'm embarrassed to say this) because of it affordable price tag. I am so tempted to go buy the lotion, emulsion, & enhancer (which is v intriguing!)...

  18. Oooh cutting down time and instant absorption?!! Am going to check this blue line once my current skincare products finish!

    Which product is your fave? Is Aqualable available in the Philippines or is it much cheaper to purchase via Adambeauty?

  19. didn't knw you use this line, G!!! <3 you should get some stock when u're in HK next time LOL

  20. Great review! I'm going to give this skincare a try soon!

  21. wow never thought Aqualabel line is something!i need some hydration in my skincare regime as my orbis toner is running low!

    i will wanna try this range soon!

    our watson do carry Aqualabel


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