Saturday, April 30, 2011

NARS Turks and Caicos Multiple Tint FOTD

I went to the NARS counter last weekend to ask for the "New Order" blusher, then spotted this bright, orange, jelly looking stick and swatched it on my arm. Orange. No big deal I thought. But when I went outdoors it turned into this gorgeous shade of pinkish peach. It looked awesome against my skin... I had to have it! 

 A part of the NARS Summer 2010 collection Multiples, Turks & Caicos is a limited edition shade I believe. I know I'm a year late to the party but at least I got to try this! 
love how the NARS print matches the color of the product!

It reminds me of Tarte blushers my sister used to give me when I was younger but this one is not as tacky especially after it sets on the skin. Plus its more pigmented and it lasts the whole day. IN SUMMER! Take that humidity!
I'm not a beach bum, but if I was, and can only bring one beauty product to the beach, I'd bring this... Its very easy to use, I just dab it straight onto my cheeks or lips. No blending skills required.

I love how it looks so sheer and natural, it has no shimmer but it gives off a nice sheen to the cheeks/lips.

The only drawback for this product is the price, Php2,150 locally (approx. USD 50) but to justify, its a multi-purpose product and the quality is amazing I'm sure you will love it as much as I do. As for availability, I have no idea if they still have this abroad but if you're in the Philippines, NARS Rustan's Makati still has it in stock.

My bright and summery FOTD:

products used:
DiorSnow White Reveal UV Base in beige
Canmake 5-effects foundation 03
Cle De Peau concealer in ochre
MAC Prep + Prime eye primer in medium

NARS Turks & Caicos Multiple
Esprique Precious Dress-on Shiny Eyes C-4
Shu Uemura Hard 6 eyebrow pencil
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Bourbon
Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara
Etude House Miss Tangerine Follow Me lip tint #2

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Have a fun weekend everyone!


  1. wow it looks gorgeous on ur skin!!! :) looks great for summer~

  2. Love the glow it gives your skin G! Although the product looks intimidating on the tube. :) It looks natural on you, so pretty! <3

  3. I love the color! I never tried orange lip products before, but I think this looks nice. I really wanna get one for myself.

  4. Gorgeous G! ♥

    I'm looking forward to buying my first NARS blush (lol) but I don't know which shade to get. Can you help me? :)

  5. Very pretty, G! :P Love your FOTD, looks so summery! :P

  6. I have to admit, this shade makes your cheeks look warm and awake. I LOVE it! :) Very pretty on you!!

  7. this is pretty! i can see your cheek glowing with radiant...

    if only we have access to NARS here.. :(

  8. yeahhhhh corals ftw! I so want to try the EH Tangerine series...your blog is seriously just feeding the temptation eheh

  9. such a nice color...
    the color is so radiant,..
    it looks good on you..

  10. this is such a pretty shade! perfect for summer :)

  11. Wow, you look so pretty and summery! Love the multiple on you. It looks really bright in the tube, but so pretty and perfect on your skin.

  12. Woah,slightly pricy but I gotta give it a thumbs up because it gives you a warm fuzzy glow,and its multi purpose for the lips and cheeks! easy to carry around on trips.

  13. It looks gorgeous on you! I love this natural look. Great fotd post... hope you'll do more of these posts!!

  14. Sooooo pretty and juicy!!! Awww you look adorable <3

    It's kinda pricey though compared to RRP in the US? =[

    Dress-on Shiny Eyes C-4! Is it worth getting?

  15. Wow, T_urks & Caicos looks super pretty on you! It gives you such a fresh, natural and cute flush! Your skin looks flawless! <3

  16. even tho I read your post of Miss Tangerine Follow Me lip tint (and I loved it back then too) I wouldn't have thought that what you're wearing in these photos is Miss Tangerine! Gorgeous! ^.^

  17. Turks and Caico is so beautiful! I love it on you, it looks very natural on your skin. How is its lasting power? Does it turn oily on you?

  18. omg a multiple that has no shimmer - thumbs up!!!

    i think nars will launch early may here, that's what they told me :)

    is the Canmake foundie that nice ehhh?!

  19. such a pretty multiple for the summer. it looks really moisturizing too. love <3

  20. Your skin look glowy babe!! Nice!!
    I was thinking of getting Ms Tangerine lip tint now!!

  21. I love it on you, looks really pretty on you!! And wow, your skin looks flawless *envy*

  22. wear this when we meet up next time G :D!!

  23. Hi G! You look really fresh. I love it :)

  24. Wow, it does look super orange on the stick! Bu it looks really pretty on.

  25. Wait a minute, this came out in a collection from summer 2010 limited edition and it's available again this year????

  26. Heeyyy G~ ^^ Long time haha, catching up on your posts now. Aww you look so cute!! You should post more pics, your smile is so bright and makes me smile too =)

    The NARS multiple look so scary in the tube but when you swatched it, doesn't look so scary. Looks great on you. I have a couple of orange blushes and I like the look but I have yet to figure out how to wear it right haha. Sometimes when I put blushes on they all look the same -.-

  27. Hi,
    What blush did you use for this look? You look simply stunning XD.
    ~Pauline @Nars Philippines


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