Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rakuten Goodie: La Sana Hair Essence

Ever since I tried the La Sana Hair Essence sample Kelly (Ichibankao) gave me, I was in hair product heaven. I immediately googled it and found it on my new favorite online store, Rakuten, I also found one on eBay but the Rakuten seller had a waaay better price for a much bigger bottle (would you believe?) Rakuten rocks! :)

got my parcel from Rakuten in 2 days
I LOVE EMS! It's so fast and efficient, you get what you pay for shipping.
I give it 5 st✩✩✩✩✩rs! ^_~

the goodies
It came in bundled with a free La Sana Hair Suppli Mist - I believe it has a lighter formulation for daytime use.
I can't wait to try it!

product close-up
La Sana Hair Essence is made up of japanese sea weeds, it is rich in minerals & nutrients which help make hair look so naturally shiny. I just put a drop or two in my palm, gently rub it and smooth it over my hair. It has no scent and not greasy at all. It makes my hair so beautifully soft and frizz free. Supposedly, the essence is for night-time use but I use for day anyway. The only downside is that its not available locally, and it doesn't come cheap, the 60ml bottle costs ¥2,800 plus ¥900 EMS. Other than that, I only have nice words to say on this product. I have found a new hair care HG! Happiness! :)

If your locks need some shine and a major taming from the frizz, La Sana is worth a try imho.

oh SHIT! (So Happy It's Thursday!) so exciting, the weekend is coming! woot woot!

Be safe & healthy! Drink lots of h2O and stay in the shade my fellow filipinos! The hot weather is dehydrating!

♡ coffretgorge


  1. The Hair Essence sounds like a wonderful product! Oh dear, you have revived my bad Rakuten stalking habit haha~

  2. oh this is interesting...i always get blemishes because of japanese hair products...but I can't stop using it because everything works great on my hair....I'll keep an eye on this product..if I get the chance to visit the market....thanks..

  3. wooo nice stuff!!! you cherish your hair a lot girl ^^

  4. Yay to you finding your new hair care HG! It sounds like a really fab product, sweetie. =D I hope I can find it in my Japanese market.

    And I am LMAO at "S.H.I.T!"! =D

  5. Good job finding your hair product HG! I've never heard of this so thanks for bringing it to my attention. ^^

  6. hair products! super neat..i need to explore more in hair!

  7. I'm such a sucker for Japanese products hahah especially when they infuse things with nutrients and minerals from the sea (HELLO shu uemura! lol)
    By the way, how much did you have to pay for shipping? I remember I was really turned off by rakuten the first time cuz it was quite exorbitant!

  8. thanks for the review! i really want to try it now :)

  9. Thanks ladies! try it when u get the chance, i looove it! its not greasy at all :)

    Mary! thank you dear! :) oh please do, there are a lot of great hair care products out there waiting for you! ;)

  10. Hm, heard so much about this site, got to go check it out.

  11. Hey hun! My hair really is still light despite the lighting. :\ Oh well, I am too cheap and lazy to re-dye so I am just going to do it when I get roots again....haha! You have such a beautiful face, I think either color would look fabulous on you. :D

  12. I must get myself a bottle! (but maybe from ebay... XD)

  13. i will try this one hope that it will reduce my hairfall

  14. here in japan its 2,376 yen but you also have to buy the treatment together with the shampoo so that cost you 4752 yen.. hope this works for me


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