Monday, February 22, 2010

Bath & Body Works Goodies

Pasalubong is a tagalog term for a present given by someone (friend or relative) returning from an out of town/country trip. The wonderful couple, Mike & Kat from surprised me with a bag of pasalubong with Bath and Body Works goodies during our weekend meet-up.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Cream & Sanitizer
I am familiar with the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent from B&BW, I've purchased body lotions and shower gels in this range, needless to say, I love everything cherry blossom and I'm really excited to try the hand cream. I'm going to share this with my Mom 'cause she likes this scent too! :)

PocketBac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels
The Sea Island Cotton smells wonderful! I can't stop sniffing the smell from the bottle. haha :)

Thank you beachbums! See you on our next weekend escapade! ^_^

♡ coffretgorge


  1. i have the perfume from that cherry blossom Bbw range. would be keen to hear what u think of the rest!

  2. What lovely gifts from your friends. I like the Cherry Blossom scent from them as well. ^^

  3. I so love those b&bw's Pocketbac...I like how small it you could bring it anywhere...& yup, it does smell good...

  4. i love bath and body stuff, they smell heavenly :)

  5. BBW rocks! How sweet of your friends to give you such awesome gifts. =D

  6. i love the bath & body works~ my favorite scent is cucumber melon :) what nice friends you have~

  7. Oh man, I know this smell! Smells awesome! And I got to get me some of that hand sanitizer.. smells and looks so much better than boring purell lol.

  8. Bath&Body Works, marry me HAHAH :D I love the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent too! Too bad they don't have this in Australia :(



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