Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend DIY: Prettia Bubble Hair Dye in Royal Brown

I like it when I have laid back weekends because it gives me time to do things for myself without being in a such a rush. My latest self-improvisation project was to dye my hair using the Prettia bubble hair dye i got from ichibankao

Here's what's inside the carton:
1 pair of disposable gloves, 1 bottle pump, the 2 bottles of hair colorants (to mix), 1 packet of hair treatment essence and instructions (in japanese)

1) Put on gloves
2) Pour contents of bottle 1 to the larger bottle 2, close cap
3) Mix in a gentle, see-saw motion, DO NOT SHAKE
4) Take off cap and put on pump, Press bottle UPRIGHT to get bubble hair dye
5) Apply evenly on hair as if shampooing
6) Leave on for 30 minutes.
7) Rinse, Shampoo
8) Apply treatment essence afterwards

Here's my hair before the treatment, this is my natural hair color, I've never dyed my hair prior to this, I was just dead curious about this product as it looks super fun and easy to do. Plus I have read good reviews from fellow bloggers Lisa and Kathi :)

oooh *bubbles* @.@

and 45 minutes later, TADAH! Royal brown tresses! I was pleasantly surprised that the color on the box matched the color outcome on my hair. :)
CONFESSION: I accidentally left it on longer than I should have (about 15 minutes longer) because I was chatting on the phone with a friend, I was really afraid my hair would come out "burned", but when I rinsed my hair it came out alright.

The only thing i forgot to do was to dye my eyebrows too! Has anyone tried dying their brows with this? I find the chemical smell overwhelming whenever I sniff it so I'm not sure if its safe to use near the eyes.

EDIT: This product is NOT meant to be used on eyebrows. It is also not suitable for gray hair.



  1. ooooo that is a pretty hair colour! :)

  2. your hair color came out great! now i know that if i ever want to die my hair i should use this :)

  3. awww the color is so pretty on you!

  4. Awww it came out so pretty!! I've never actually dyed my hair myself since my aunt is a professional hairdresser, but I'd really like to try now. Thanks for sharing!! ^-^
    Oohh and yeah the shower gel has a light scent for the watermelon one. :)

  5. for a first DIY, you did a great job! it looks great! :) xx

  6. has anyone tried to dye their eyebrows using hair dyes? (not the ones sprecifically for eyebrows)

  7. aw. thank you everyone for your kind comments! it was so easy to do, i think im going to get more prettia bubble hair dyes! :)

  8. Oh looks absolutely gorgeous!

  9. How come I didn't grab this hair dye yesterday....have to next time...thanks for the review...

  10. nat, thank you sweetie! :D

    adin_22 my pleasure dear! ^_^

  11. that's a lovely shade hun. wish i could do this at home too. that'd save me loads of shopping money! but i'm such a clean freak, i'll be really pissed off if i got some color on my white bathroom floor/walls :p

  12. Your hair came out to be a really really pretty color! I just hate dying my hair because I find it troublesome to touch up the roots when they start growing out =(
    I agree, the chemical smells of hair dye is pretty unbearable. I can't imagine putting that on my face !

  13. hi ladies! thank you for your kind comments on my new hair color :D

    hmm, i would recommend doing this before taking a shower/bath, don't wear a shirt (just wrap yourself in a towel) since its most likely to get stains from the dye. all in all its not so messy to do. :)

    jessie, hi! yep i already read some instructions online which says DONT use to color facial hair. heehee. very good thing i forgot! :)

  14. Hi Hun! Not sure if my first message went thru or not but i lurve your hair!! The prettia worked out beautifully. :) Thank u for ur sweet message. I am doing well. Just being lazy and taking a

  15. wow, you're dye job went really well. i really like the dark colour!

    no worries about putting it longer than indictated@ i ALWAYS seem to do that to make sure the colour shows up. ^^

  16. oo it's a lovely color! I so want to try the Prettia bubble hair dyes!

  17. love your the hair color, it looks good on you. is it permanent? Or it will fade away after a few washes?

  18. I've used Prettia hair dyes twice before, but I've never used it to dye my eyebrows either. I like Prettia so much because it's so easy to use and I also feel like it's safer than typical home hair dye kits. I think it would be okay for dyeing your eyebrows.

    This color looks really good, by the way!! I actually typed "Prettia Royal Brown" into google to see if I could find a page exactly like this to check out what the color would look like, so thank you for blogging!

  19. skyline.days: i read from not to use this on eyebrows. it might go to the eyes and it will sting really bad judging from the smell of the dye. so lets be safe and leave the eyebrow dyeing to the professionals ;)

    its my pleasure blogging about beauty. thank you for reading coffretgorge! ^_^

  20. Hi! I've seen a Multiply shop selling Prettia hair dye. All are for pre-order though. It's It's way cheaper there, a box costs P650-P700, I think.

    By the way, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for posting this review! I've been looking all over blogs who tried Royal Brown with previously black hair. I've never dyed my hair, ever, too. My only problem is, my hair is so black, thick and dark! I probably should leave the foam on for an hour to take effect. Haha! I like the color on the model's hair for Royal Brown but the result isn't what I expected. I should probably buy a lighter one. Thank you again for posting this!

  21. Just tried this, since it didn't really burn much I used it on my eyebrows too but used a q-tip to apply it so i would get any in my eyes. Wiped it off with a one of those cotton make up pads. They turned out darker than my hair, probably because I put the foam on them last and wiped them off first, but i'd rather darker eyebrows then lighter i guess, not that big of a deal.


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