Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feng Shui For The Heart

Warning: A sappy hopeless romantic blogger writing. ;)

Does my post title sound like a melodrama on television or what? LOL. I'd like to share with you a little present my sister gave me recently (CNY), a Mandarin Duck Rose Quartz bracelet.

Mandarin Ducks are known to mate for life, their togetherness represents fidelity in Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui experts and aficionados, the Mandarin Duck symbolizes lifelong love and loyalty, if you wear this, it will help you improve relationships and become lucky when it comes to matters regarding the heart. 

As Mandarin Ducks are always close together, they find it hard to survive if they are separated from their partner, even dying of loneliness and grief (aww) just as married human beings are supposed to be (^_~). I see why its very popular with married women.

It is made of rose quartz which is also popular for those who are looking for someone to love...
to bring good luck in finding a lifelong partner.

I don't mind wearing it, because its pink & pretty! :)
and if it really enhances luck in love, why not?
...more pink, more love! :)

I have another bracelet which helps bring good fortune, health, etc. an all-in-one they say, and yes, it is colorful. ^.^

 Do you wear any Feng Shui accessories?


  1. awww thats super cute love it!

  2. Very sweet entry :) The bracelet is very pretty!

    My parents are strong believers of Feng Shui. I personally don't really wear anything Feng Shui related, but the bracelet is really nice. I really like it :3

    Thanks for sharing <3


  3. really?

    the first card my bf gave me has two ducks printed on it and he always keeps on giving me small stuff with ducks design, hes not chinese though.

    maybe thats the reason why me and bf has been together for almost 11 years already =)

  4. What an absolutely heavenly bracelet that is! =D I had not heard of the story of the mandarin ducks until now. So beautiful and sad. For good luck, I always have my jade bracelet and sometimes I like to wear crystals.

  5. Ahh I never heard of feng shui accessories before! But that's so cute..the story of the mandarin ducks xD I knew they travelled together all the time in pairs though.

    It's definitely a lovely bracelet though! =D

  6. crystal in pink reflects power of LOVE

  7. that bracelet is soooooo pretty!!! the story about the ducks is sad though... love to read your post as always ^^

  8. Aww what an adorable bracelet and heartwarming story behind it, your sister is so nice to gift you with such a great present. :) Not to mention it's so pink and cute!

  9. Cute! That's an adorable story. I like mandarin ducks now haha =)


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