Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I don't think I've blogged about something proudly made in the Philippines just yet, so today I'm going to introduce you to a skin care/cosmetic brand VMV Hypoallergenics. As the name suggests, all of their products are allergen free, its such a short list for products like these don't you think? I think their best selling item is Armada - their sunscreen line which offers the highest SPF available in the market, 70 up to 90. (I know, Whoa! @.@-)

I purchased some goodies yesterday, a GLOW lip & cheek tint and an ESSENCE Skin-saving anti-perspirant.

Glow Lip & Cheek Tint in Watermelon

A two in one product, this is great for traveling. No need to think of colors to match your blush to your lips! ;)

I'd say the color is a glowing pink color, it makes you look like you've naturally blushed. Really nice for ladies with fair to medium skin tones.
As lip gloss, I find it a little sticky for me, so i like it better as a blush.

It gives a nice glow. (photo taken with outdoor lighting)

(indoor lighting)
I recommend this as a blush to those who have smooth facial skin because it needs moderate blending in the cheeks, if you have a lot of bumps it could be a little difficult and frustrating. But if blended properly and seamlessly, you will be rewarded with pretty, natural looking blush which stays on the whole day! Perfect for the upcoming summer season! :)

I also got this Essence Skin Saving Anti-Perspirant
I bought this because it doesn't contain harsh ingredients which may cause darkening, bumps and irritation to the underarms. Its also great for traveling, you can share it with your family since it comes in a spray bottle, you save luggage space and weight. ;)

I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves. :)

Oh yes, I'm skinfatuated. ^^


  1. I love VMV too! Especially their foundations, it's truly love!

  2. Oo the blush is a pretty color!
    & the spray antiperspirant looks really interesting. Is it any better than the rub-on kind??

  3. Whoa SPF 70 up to 90. O__O That lip & cheek tint is so pretty. It's great that the products are allergen free especially for those who suffer from that. Thanks for sharing these products from the Philippines. ^^

  4. the lip and cheek tint looks so pigmented and gorgeous!

  5. the glow lip tint is so pretty! i want to try the spf 90 sunscreen. lucky you

  6. Nina: i havent tried their foundies yet, maybe i should ask for a sample? heehee ;)

    Jessie, yep i find it much better than the rub on kind, it dries a lot faster and it doesnt stain clothes, plus its effective :)

    PixyEla, pretty right? its long wearing too! :)

    amy, yes hun! perfect for summer! ;)

    LS, they have an online store! ^_~ hahaha >:)

  7. I will have to look for VMV next time i go to the philippines :)

  8. Oh that's so great! Yay for products from the Philippines ^^

  9. yay! i didnt know vmv's made here!
    or is it just the antiperspirant thingy?


  10. hi jenobebs! yes, vmv is a local brand, their products are made in the philippines ;)


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