Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Love

I've seen a lot of beauty bloggers share their makeup bags or vanity cases through their posts, so today, I am going to let you take a peek of my travel stash too! As you will see, I don't pack light (that's quite a challenge for me) hahaha! I am also revealing my Tokidoki x Hello Kitty vanity case. Its so cute and wonderful! I feel really happy when i see it!  *going crazy* Thank you bag fairy! ^_^

Is there anything more adorable than this?!

all photos are taken by Lurvey with his Nikon D90. So clear and crisp photos! Thanks love! ♡.♡

That's my Suesh brush roll on top ^.^ (ooops! sorry for the dirty mirror! I didn't notice that! hehehe)

I love the adjustable compartments, the velcro is so easy to move around! and the side pockets oh my goodness, its so functional, makes it easy to organize eyeliners, mascaras and other stuff which come in a tube container. I actually planned on putting my brushes on the pockets but the handles are quite longer than i expected.
first column: eyeliners, mascaras, eyelash curler, lippies, gloss, my Lunasol sponge and some e/s palettes which didn't fit into the third column hehehe
second column: skin care essentials
third column: e/s palettes, meteorites, bb cream, foundation, loose powder and concealers on the pockets.

Just a little sunshine to brighten your day ^_~

♡ coffretgorge


  1. Oh...I'm so jealous with your tokidoki vanity case....I so love tokidoki....and you put so much on it....nice...

  2. That IS cute! I need to be friends with the bag lady! I would travel just to bring that along. lol. hahaha, I pack light with clothes and other things, but when it comes to my vanity, it takes up majority of my luggage. lol.

  3. That case is so pretty! And you are so organized! I wish I was able to organize my travel makeup like that! :)

  4. I suppper adore TokiDoki!!! im drroooollin now!! great makeup case sissy!

  5. the case is so cute, I love tokidoki products

  6. pretty!
    and i love how u keep boxes of the palettes
    i am lazy so i dont hahaha

  7. Adin: hahaha yeah i put so much stuff inside i carry it like a big box to prevent the chain strap from breaking (im scared!) hahaha

    Bea: thanks sweetie!

    My-My: hahaha its good to have a bag fairy friend :)

    Denysia: I need to organize my stuff or else i'll end up forgetting about them hehe :)

    LJ: thanks beauty sister! :)

    amy: im so happy HK is dressed up as Sandy ^_^

  8. hi yumeko! i think im OC like that, its better to have them in their boxes because that way i know what palette/shade i'm getting, saves me some time. hahaha :)

  9. Nope, don't think there is anything more adorable than that! ;) I have not seen this vanity case before. Love it! Girl, you definitely don't pack light do you? Hehe. But I can tell you are very organized though. :) Beautiful and clear photos!

  10. yoli, thank you. :)

    lisa, i'm smiling reading your comment hehehe no, i CANT pack light, i try, but fail. i try putting all my stuff into one small bag but end up bringing three! lol. thank you, your sweetness ^_~

  11. Oh wow! That pic is to die for haha! I'm literally ooh-ing and ah-ing at your stuff. I wish I could reach out and see every individual thing hahaha!

  12. I love this!

    Where did you buy the case, if you don't mind me asking?

  13. o heavens! Where did you THAT case? I am in serious need of one too! LOVE LOVE LOVE how you organised your tokidoki!




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